Physics ? What does these levels mean ?

Physics ? Chemistry ? What does these levels mean ?
I applied to Canada for doing B.Sc in Computer Science. I completed my high school from Commerce so i don’t have any knowledge of Physics & Chemistry now though for Maths i will be undergoing Course Placement Test and that will place me appropriate Maths…

You need to look in the college course catalog for the school you desire. In most, Physics 1051 is the first calculus-based physics course covering mechanics and heat topics, while Physics 1551 is the second calculus-based physics covering, waves, optics, electricity, and atomic topics. The catalog will describe the prerequisites to enrol in these courses. Different colleges may combine these topics differently.


Impulse is dP = F dt; the place dP = m dV is a transformation in momentum, F is the undemanding rigidity performing to alter that momentum over the era dt. So on your first case, F exists in the time of and as we communicate on the top of the era dt. F does not exist at any time previous the shrink off time of the era dt. the 2d case is extra ambiguous; so i’m guessing. it seems which you have an unbalanced internet rigidity f = ma = T – F; the place T is the thrust (purpose rigidity) and F is the frictional rigidity. as long as T > F there’ll be an acceleration a > 0. yet while T = F, a = 0 and the automobile would be stable state. If the automobile is crashing, the internet forces are f = dP/dt = m dV/dt = mV/dt the place V is the impact velocity. We assume no force prepare torque and no thrust on the 2d of impact. however, in genuine existence, T could nonetheless exist; so f = T – dP/dt may well be genuine.

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