Properly Educated Black Man vs. Thugs….What Do You Think Of This Video?

Agree or Disagree……

I agree with this video.


well…i like the best of both worlds. If my life could be like W.E.B. DuBois in a Booty Talk porno I think I would be the happiest black man in history.

I’m inteligent…i get better grades than most people regardless of race & social class. But that aint gonna stop me from havin fun. I like my kicks & my fancy cellphone…I also like having a transcript that other people have to pay for to get. Bein a leader aint about bein in the library all day, that sh*t is lameeee.

Everythin in moderation. As long as you take care of buisness you should be able to enjoy yourself. Rims are nice. But so are diplomas in your livin room wall. Keys to tha Benz are nice…so are keys to the office with tha comfy massage chair.

But Dwayne makes an excellent point. Black people in the public eye are the most scrutinised, both individually and as a group, of all the people in the media. When they f*ck up it reflects poorly on all of us, and the images they portray affect our standing both amongst ourselves and within the greater scope of society. Promoting ignorant niggerishness is both irresponsible and counterproductive to everything we as a people have worked for our entire existance. Its not about goin to an ivy league school or bein a thug, life aint that black and white. Lord knows theres no shortage of educated n*ggas & house n*ggas out there (clarence thomas) and plenty of cats who were uneducated yet retained an intellectual capacity that far exceded anyone’s expectations for any man, much less a Black one (Malcom, Dick Gregory, Garvey). Its about how you view yourself and how you want the world to view you and they people you’re associated with. If we gotta move ahead without tha ignorant folk of this world then so be it.

Of course theres a goldmine worth of cash to be made from our constant subjugation in the media. Plenty of white men have made carrers off of the cultural exploitation of Blacks and the caricature of Blacks in the public eye. Entire industries have been built around makin us look like fools. A great deal of responsibility lies with them, no doubt, but if enough artists took a stand against being f*ckin raped by their own art, then maybe things would change. But too many of these “thugs” is too p*ssy to stand up for themselves and be real.

I think as a people, we need to seek out and find that happy medium between being successful and keepin it real. Too many black men are being drawn into thug life when dem aint gotta be inna it. Soulja Boy’s parents both have GRADUATE DEGREES and his dumb *** dropped out of high school to make music, and his last record nuh even sellin good. Cats think that they gotta be hard 24/7 for no reason, and its killin us.

House n*ggas too need to shut the f*ck up and start doin sh*t. Every other ethnic group in history has done what the can to get themselves out of the hole except us. The irish came here naked and got into law enforcemen, politics and industry and managed to pull themselves outa poverty. Jews built buisnesses, banks, law firms, hospitals, you name it. What did tha house n*ggas do? Throw rocks at tha feild n*ggas and snitch on us in tha big house. Even today, you dont see alot of these “educated black folk” doin sh*t for anybody but themselves. Some of these cats prospered BECAUSE of affirmative action and then move to abolish it, blockin the path for millions of black youth dem weh wanna tek dem chance (Clarence Thomas). They move, marry white people, and then write books hatin on the rest of us while refusing to offer a path outta squalor (Stanley Crouch, Clarence Thomas & the now irrelevant Bill Cosby). They worse than the system because theyre just backstabbin house n*ggas.

Considering all the liabilities against us, both societal (racism) and self imposed (ignorance)…sometimes i really wonder why we aint gone extinct yet. But the fact that we still here worldwide is a testament to the fact that we could and should be acheiving greater tings than where we at now. We just gotta stop f*ckin around.

Good message but I have heard it all before. There are many brothers and sisters that can talk a good game and get Black people all pumped up but without a plan of action we as a people fall back into the same old mode that we have been in. This is why our progression as a people is at a snails pace. The problem is we are attacking the problem from the wrong angle. We are adhering to the wrong philosophies. Our fight needs to begin in our homes with ourselves. What are we doing to help ourselves? How much time are we spending becoming informed rather than entertained? Where do we see ourselves in the 5 to 10 years and what are we doing to get there? What kind of legacy are we leaving for our children? Barack Obama is not going to stop absentee fatherhood or the high rate of incarceration or increase our high school graduation rate. There is no messiah coming to save us. All that we need to be successful is here. We simply need to use it.

I agree with Wayne, the commentor does have a tone of misogyny in his message. This is part of adopting the philosophies of other people. If the brother understood his history fully he would know that it has never been our way to subjugate and dominate our sisters. Philosophically our ancestors viewed men and women as halves of a whole. Half is not more than the other half they are equal forming a whole. One does not lead while the other follows. They move in the same direction together achieving the same successl.

Black men and Black women must see themselves like a gun and bullets. A gun by itself it no more than a club and bullets by themselves are no more than rocks. However when put together though they have different functions they become formidible and powerful as they work in harmony. When working together they are unstoppable. We will not achieve this success maintaining a philosophy of the man being the head and the woman’s role is to follow and obey. These are other people’s philosophies.

Bottom line is it’s time for action. It’s been time. We can either talk about it or be about it. It’s simple really. As individuals we must make vows to ourselves and keep them. A better me will lead to a better we.

Thug Black Men

This video is so interesting to me, and I enjoyed reading all the comments, and agree with some points.

I think we also need to remember: What created this thug life culture in the first place?? Rap/Hip Hop was created in the Bronx, in some of the roughest projects in the country, as a reaction to the crime, unemployment and hopelessness that filled them. Remember these lyrics: “Don’t push me cuz I’m close to the edge, I’m tryin not to lose my head” “Its like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under” – “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, some of the first rappers.

This music was later embraced by the West Coast slums, also filled with crime, gangs and gansta rap was born. The sad part is instead of attacking the CAUSE, most attack the EFFECT. Get rid of the hopelessness, the broken families, who is going to look up to criminals anymore?

I also realize that most of the popular artists today are just doing it to make money, its not like their lyrics are inspired by any real struggle, so I agree, it has become a way to just make money, and gives the impression that this is a reflection of the end all be all of black culture.

To me education is not just about getting a college decree. There are many educated fools. To me, its much more about being aware of your place in history, and the importance we all play in it. It means playing a positive part in the community in which you live, and knowing that you don’t have to look like you just stepped out of a rap video to be accepted as being “real”.

Edit Choc1, yeah my point is the effect on the rap, the problems many blacks faced in West Coast cities changed it to reflect what they were going through. For example, my stepsister is from San Diego, not really slummy area, but the rap she liked was West Coast rap, like Eazy E, Straight Outta Compton (remember them?) Shows that the music reflected problems black folk faced out there. No disrespect to the West Coast folks, even though I’m a DC girl 🙂

I AGREE I AGREE I AGREE!!!!!!!!! For once, one of those “let bash blacks” seemingly so vids makes complete sense imo. He stated his points correctly. Often our women will be misled choosing the thug over the properly educated black man. The black community has continued to support the thug mentality and appeal for years and years as the more popular group…why is that? Alot of those men, were probably brought up without their fathers present just a guess!

C’mon yall youtube is filled with Anti-Black women vids and its so daunting to watch being a black woman myself. BW have been *wavering* because of the lack of leadership from the BM! This way there is a rift in the first place. It came straight from the horses mouth, the speaker presumably being black himself. Anywho, he mad several great points that I absolutely agree with, completely.

He made me laugh when he said a properly educated black man does not have multiple children by multiple women like a DOG leaving litter around the cub. Also, like in these cases these men will not even marry their women and repeat the same useless ways that was done to them. Its a vicious cycle, its needs to stop asap.

Whenever I hear about “educated” blacks 9 times out of 10 it’s usually someone with a 4 year degree or something else that is typically consider average everywhere else. There absolutely needs to be an improvement in the black community but this sort of attitude(I’m special because I do decent and my people don’t) is just feeding our images. Blacks need to stop dividing into “educated” and “ghetto”. We need to stand as individuals

Pinky, David and Insane in the Dwayne all make great arguments.

What most black entertainers see as a way to make money, kind of misrepresents black men in the public eye. This is a tough one, cuz like David said, they are only entertainers, and should be seen as nothing more. But becuz we don’t have a serious side to us for the public to see, we all become this generic stereotype living in the minds of all who watch us from afar.

Not really because although I can see their point and they have a good one, I think the video generalizes and labels too much, things are not that black and white. Also nelly.lil John, 50 Cent, are not thugs they are entertainers, entertainers of other races convey negative messages all the time.

P.S- I totally agree with Pinky

I’m not gonna lie, that voice coupled with some of those words and music made me laugh a bit.

That being said, I appreciate the message he is relaying. More black people in the public eye should think about the effect that their actions have on black people around the globe. American black people are the most exposed (and overexposed) black people on the planet, but many are too focused on themselves and to ignorant to have a broader prospective. It was kinda misogynistic though. Women don’t need to be lead, they need to be respected.

Now, onto the quotes that made me chuckle when said by that dude’s voice-

Well intentioned, but terribly misguided.

The author mistakenly believes that knowledge/education is the pinnacle of achievement…it is not
Wisdom is.
Being smart is only a stage of development, not its fruition.

Furthermore, we invariably do more harm than good when we take these divisive stances.
The “I’m smarter than you so you have no place here” attitude only fuels the Divide and Conquer principles that have been the real culprit in tearing our community asunder.

Which brings me back to my original point;
The so called “intellectual” believes that only the best and brightest should be the vanguard of out efforts at higher achievement…
while the wise man understands that ALL people have a role to play if we are going to acheive those aspirations.

It is easy to point out problems…
much harder to offer solutions.


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