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I asked this question earlier but nobody could give me a REAL answer to my question. Can anybody answer the question that is asked directly, please :).

Why is it that when drawings of the Prophet Mohammad were published Muslims all over the world united to protest and object the slandering of Islam

Because we were prevented by the American government to speak out against these extremist at the same time the western media did not give us the needed exposure to denounce these extremists. They played up the extremists crimes to increase the hate and bigotry against Islam and Muslims.

The West is systematically destroying half the countries in the Middle East and has its eye on a couple more. Muslims have the right to be infuriated by the Western world’s collective effort to control the Middle East by force

One does have to be weary of who these “unknown groups” attacking the churches are, just as one had to be weary of the non-nationalist group that sprung up in Gaza and kidnapped the two Fox news journalists

Most Muslims are well aware that violence is an inappropriate way to protest accusations that Islam is a violent faith.

Two Muslim countries have been invaded by the United States and its allies since 9/11, and another, Lebanon, has been bombed to ruins by Israel with full U.S. and British support. At least 20 times as many Muslims have died in these brutal wars as the number of Americans who died in the 9/11 attacks, and almost none of them had anything to do with that terrorist atrocity.

Do you blame REAL PEACEFUL MUSLIMS for all this?

Protests in the Islamic countries are associated only with events that evoke anger of the in all the countries of the third world..terrorist attacks are against the Islamic teachings but protesting cant stop them..beside that in Islamic countries protesting is against the rules put by the regimes..they can only protest whenever the king/president say it is fine..otherwise they will get kicked and pulled to the police stations.

People in the third world don’t have the same political freedom as you..and if you read our newspapers, see our websites and forums, watch our movies or listen to the people in the streets you will find everyone against Al Qaida in what it is doing to civilians..beside they are despaired with their leaders and believe that protest won’t make a change..and also Osama won’t stop if they protest..but the drawing s are different:
1.they came from people who were supposed to be neutral to us “the Danish” so it was shocking.
2.they were as a big insult to all Muslims.
3.People thought that the Danish gov may respond to the protests and hear to them.

I hope you could understand.

We muslims all over the world protested to someone who made a cartoon or any other drawing of Muhammad peace be upon him,because :
1)we do not want to worship to our prophet indivudually if its drawing was his good deeds for avoiding an individual cult which is the same with praying to other than Allah the only one God. It is called syirik the unforgiven sin by Allah
2) we do not want our beloved prophet be insulted if its drawing was his unreal bad doings
Several muslim theologists and our leaders in many counties have responded to the terrorists bad doings if their victims were the innocent persons.But maybe their comments were not announced to all over the world so you did not read and or hear it.
Their bad doings are against with Islamic teaching.They will bear their own sins.But if you think further,the terrorists made a solidarity to their muslim brothers and sisters who have been pressed or suppressed down or attacked or invaded or insulted by other power and muslims be a minority or powerless in those areas.So their terrorist bad doings are only the smoke of a fire which have been done by the majority or super power.The terrorists could not make a retaliation directly to them because their enemy have more power..

you cant handle the truth.this needs more than a page on y.a. let me just say far as innocence is concerned the thinking of the “terrorist” is how innocent is the Muslim baby that you can no longer recognize because she no longer has a head?it being removed by the droppings of a fighter jet,or Apache copter.and how innocent is the man or woman who elects someone to high office on the grounds that they will invade and agress sovereign nations who have not attacked them.and are they truly innocent the same people who prop up and support dictators,despots and other repressive madmen who then wreak havoc on their own population with torture, rape,killings…?i could go Islam its an eye for an eye,a life for a life.and why do you ask the Muslims to apologize alone? have you asked the same of the Jews,who to this day are slaying hundreds of civilians a month?how dare you not have the balls to pose to the Christians why in the name of Jesus are they in Iraq? raping,humiliating,killing the civilians?Muslim babies are human too.they are being slain in barbaric ways.have you ever seen what a hellfire missile does to a child?they drop 2 ton bombs on apartment buildings lookin for one man, then tell the world they took every effort to minimize civilian you really expect real men to accept that?sit on their hands or turn the other cheek? what ails you?you want a united protest?you have it in the response of the muslims to the killing of what you deem “innocent”.

Two Questions.
First answer:
Image of any Prophet of The God almighty is inappropriate because Prophets of The God supposed to be respected in all aspects and when we make any image of those chosen one there is alwayes chance we may defame their character reflects from image. Therefore in Islam it not allowed to make any kind of personal image of Prophets and other respected religious personality.

For Almighty The God any kind of image is not allowed not only in Islam, but in Christianity, Hinduism, well. If some one allowed to make Image of The God , It will go to images as it started in other faiths . As I mentioned before basically in any faith it not allowed to make immages but people ignored the teachings or missunderstood the message and started making images now those peiple are worshipping defferent immages .
That is whay in Islam it very strictly forbidden to make any kind of image of Either God nor image of any prophst.

Second answer:
Kindly see statistics from far history and recent history.
Crusaders, First and Second world wars. Killings in Middle east, Central Asia, Eastern Uerop, Japan, Kashmir, etc….and who are the killers and who are victims. Analyze without favourism.

Innocent Jews ha. Stop watching CNN and FOX news
Jews are the root cause of at least half of the world’s troubles. Jews are the main cause of people turning into terrorists. Have u ever wondered y is the US so much concerned about security issues? It is reaping what it sowed. Who get killed everyday? behonest Jews or Muslims and just recently they attacked and killed hundreds of Innocent Lebanese don’t get brainwashed by the media please. Be realistic! I hate Bush as Much as I hate Osama OK. Remember there r black sheep in every society. people are so angry at the terrorists they are taking it out on Islam and each and every Muslim for no reason when neither of them have anything to do with them they should take their anger out on those particular people who twist and malign Islamic teachings and Muslims. Do u think we should also consider ur cruel presidents cruel policies representing u people? When Lebonon was attacked and they killed hundreds of Innocent Lebanese for no reason ur government still backed Israel. At least the US should have been neutral in this case but Ur thoughts are totally biased against Muslims Ur not realistic. A single or few people are not representing Islam and Muslims. Everyone hate the US because of ur Pharaoh Presidents policies He has labeled Muslims as terrorists. Ur media is creating more hatred. Do u have any Justification for Wat happened in Abu Ghuraib Jail in Iraq and wats happening in Guantanamo bay? u people call urself civilized but ur not.
Take a look at what this non-Muslim Chinese Doctor says happened in Bierut:…

They don’t protest because they fell they have nothing with them-terrorist. And they are right. Why don’t you protest against terrorism. You are the one who generalize all Muslim, thinking that Muslim should do something. But what can they do against terrorist groups. Think about it.

About attacking religion: in my country were Christians very angry because a band put on the cover of their CD a Marry with rat in her hand instead of Jesus. It was insulting to them.

Firstly, because pictures of the prophet were not allowed so as to prevent people from worshipping the messenger instead of God. Terrorists are fundamentalists, they don’t have to be muslims, nor are all muslims fundamentalists. As a muslim, it pains me to see innocent people suffering, just as it should pain you to witness the birth of innocent Iraqi children born without limbs because of radiation damage, or pregnant Iraqi ladies being cut open during the war! War is never pretty and it should never have been incited in the first place, my heart goes out to lives lost or marred on both sides of the equation, just as many other muslims feel. We wre never told to kill innocent people, and true muslims wouldn’t, Why then, is the war claiming innocent Iraqi lives? You tell me!

#### To Whynotaskdon’s: Islam means submission to God. Basically it means to believe in God’s existence and only one true God. I like how you quote things without completing the quote, very classy.

The simple answer is that defaming Muhammed is viewed as a personal attack by them on them. Terrorists bombing others is just a news story.

I suspect you would react more strongly to an attack on your religion/political party/favorite sports team, than you do to reports about civilians inadvertently being killed in Iraq as “casualties of war”.

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