Republicans, why do black people overwhemingly vote Democrat in modern elections?…

not a republican, but it could have to do with how they’re looked upon by republicans.

republicans will say black people vote for welfare, which actually ties into what I stated above. they’re constantly treated as “pests” and automatically assumed “thugs” by the right.

Earlier this year, I reviewed a book called Wrong on Race, by Bruce Bartlett. He correctly pointed out that most of the raging racists you’ve read about in history books were Democrats and that Republicans were the anti-slavery party. In fact, the GOP was founded on the principle. Republicans supported major civil rights legislation right up through the 1960s, while Democrats filibustered the bills and spoke out against equal rights for all. Republicans still support equal rights for all.

And therein lies the problem.

Knowing history is important, obviously, and all this makes for good reading. But I need to break it you: blacks who vote for Democrats do not care about this history. The only bit of history they care about is the one that provides excuses and finger-pointing opportunities: ancestors in bondage, great-grandparents and grandparents struggling to gain first class citizenship in this country, etc. They don’t care who did what to or for whom in the past. All they care about is who’s offering them the most goodies today

I am only helping you with your question by providing info and a link. What you do with the information is all on you.

Due to the old Democrat image and a strong devotion to that ideal. Now, just the media perpetuation of that old image even though it no longer accurately depicts modern Democrat ideology.

As a predominantly lower income bracket they rely on the social programs to survive. I think lots more people (not only blacks) are slowly being forced into this bracket. If we’re not careful we will be in huge, irreversible financial trouble as a nation.

Because the blacks have forgotten about the democrats creating the Klu Klux Klan.

Don’t ask them.

If the answer they post to this constantly posted question are any indication, they have no idea.

I don’t know, you would think they would vote republican since they are always trying to wipe them off of voter roles

Because they are not as stupid as Republicans think they are.

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