Spiritually Speaking: He who fears to suffer, suffers from fear?

It’s two different things to me.

He, who fears to suffer, tends to avoid or end sufferings.
If he is diligent and wise enough, he will tends to search for the way to avoid or end sufferings.

He, who suffers from fears, tends to shut himself in the shell thus taking refuge in it.
If he enjoys such refuge, then “ignorance is bliss to him”.


Consider this: When I began seriously to work within the Lord, I could not say the Lord’s Prayer at bedtime. I would start, and by the time I was done, my mind had moved onto another thought or anxiety which was capable of distracting me from just traversing this basic prayer. There were nights when I could say the Lord’s Prayer maybe fifty times before I was confident I had gone through the whole thing with complete focus on the words & what the phrases meant to me. I am sure there were a few nights when that number could rise to sixty or more. Every time I would get to ‘Amen’, I would review my train of thought to see if it was continuous and on-task. If not, I would start at the beginning and repeat the whole prayer. But I decided to pray it every night, and slowly, the numbers came down. I am not saying I get it through the first time every night now, but this discipline has worked. The benefits expand; I take the time at the end of the day to permit my mind the luxury to put a punctuation mark on the heavy thoughts of my day. Sometimes I am lucky enough to get an exclamation point or period, but most times it is a comma, to be continued tomorrow. Then I go back to the prayer. My intent is to continue for the rest of my life. Sometimes I am distracted by a lover, and by the time I get ready to pray, I am already snoozing. This is not an excuse for not praying on those nights, just an explanation.

No, the logic isn’t quite right.

People don’t like pain and suffering. Fearing suffering is natural.

But just because I don’ t wanna feel pain doesn’t mean I feel imprisoned or that I obsess about “not wanting to suffer” all the time.

I don’t want someone to slam a hammer on my hand (ie. fearing suffering) but I don’t go around all paranoid that someone will.

The fear in this case is not debilitating.

One who fears to suffer is fearful of what will be found. One who suffers from fear suffers, suffers from what will be found.

Fear is the mind-killer. The spiritual don’t worry about such questions, being busy doing.

that is the devils main tool if he can keep you in fear he can do with you any thing he wants,but perfect love castout all fear,fear has to do with punishment, christ took all our punishment at the cross,now the berrior has been removed we can go right into the throne of god and talk to abba father, make our request known,hope this helps!

Spot on..

Rule no. 3 in the ‘Way of the Warrior’.

Be fearless, in your approach of life. There is nothing to fear but yourself.
We are always our own worst enemy.

Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

Fear is fear in itself! Negative energy breeds more of the same.
Negative energy is so very costly!

Suffering is caused by pain and anger, find inner peace

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