Spiritually speaking, what has been troubling you lately?

Or nonspiritually speaking, if you prefer.

Well, I’m currently on hold with Customer Service, and a recording keeps coming on and telling me “All representatives are currently busy. Your wait time is less than 1 minute”, and I’ve been on hold for over 5 minutes now.

Edit: We are now at 8 minutes and the same “Your wait time is less than 1 minute” recording….

you’ve been below pressure at the moment yet even besides the indisputable fact that meditation worked for you earlier, your recommendations is over worked and also you want to sense comfortable in on a daily basis life and sleep properly back. listed below are some basic information that can help you get lower back there. in the start, something not correct for immediately or isn’t of authentic magnitude to now must be placed out of recommendations. what’s for you gained’t bypass via you, something my mom continually says. ask your self are you prioritizing issues in a way you’re happy with? quit and commence on a daily basis as a clean day, inappropriate to the former day and also you’ll commence to unwind and relax. Your mind is in evaluation to a workstation and it isn’t good to have too many courses operating without delay.

The wonder if I will be one of the first 200 people tomorrow. If I am, then the most epic event of the whole world is going to happen: This princess here and Mr. Beloved Tim Tebow meet for the first time.

The lousy weather in Minnesota.

Cold, in the low 50’s, and rainy. I really want to go to the lake home and take the boat out for a while.

I have a dreadful problem at the moment complete with an awful worry but I would never, ever, dream of discussing my problems on the internet.

Hello, MM.

Having to fill out so many silly tick-box forms asking if I feel in control of my thoughts and stuff like that, due to being mad as a box of frogs. I’m sure the people who send those forms don’t read them anyway.

Thanks for asking–I hope you are not being troubled. 🙂

These Harold Camping nutbars–part of me sees them as funny, but part of me worries what happens when they turn out to be wrong. We could be looking at another Heaven’s Gate on a much larger scale.

Water problem….i can not use dish washer as well as washing machine and i have to do all work with my hands …I am allergic to detergents ….My hands are becoming rough …i get less time on net …hmm…i have lots of problem due to water cut in my city.

My upcoming (third) surgery of my leg
I won’t be able to walk for a year – without crutches. So, you can imagine, i am “all hot” for it
I hope you are okay and all is great in your family

My 3rd freegin Xbox got RROD. I’m seriously tired of buying new ones.

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