Spiritually speaking, why is it that when someone asks a good question?

And it is actually well thought out and meaningful, it gets hardly any stars, yet all someone has to do is ask is “how many stars will my question get” and the stars pile up?

Silly, don’t you think?

It’s an outrage, is what it is. To be honest, I only found out about stars recently – I don’t use YA for points, or stars – just for information. I suppose it provides an incentive for asking interesting questions though, which means it’s a shame when it gets abused by star-hoarders. Ah well.

Tell you what, have a star for your trouble, and because it will be ironic.

People don’t like to think. Deep, meaningful questions usually don’t get stars.

Fun questions get stars. And ones that everyone can answer.

*stars this question*

Ya Im with you on that.

If you have a honest question dont worry about the stars just the answers you get

It happens to me all the time . I will often get very few answers as well . I look at it as a compliment that they fear the question that much . Like when they report me I really get an erection over my VNs and suspension notices .

Because generally people don’t think about stars at all until someone brings them up.
Jealous of the stars? =P Here, you can have one.

I know! I resurrected the dead in an earlier question, and only got 5 stars.

Spiritually ranting , who gives a crap about stars. Ok take a bloody star…

Yes Wierd.

ask a thoughtful question on here and it gets ignored. One might come to suspect this area is loaded with trolls.

i agree with you 100%
now this question will get u a star from me!


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