VOODOO! what exactly is voodoo and is it evil?

Is it evil? what exactly is voodoo? do they kill animal?humans? sacrific human? how do you become a voodoo person? and people who are in the voodoo ….”religion” what do you call them..like christians are called Catholic, Quaker etc….

Voodoo is a religious tradition originating in West Africa, which became prominent in the New World due to the importation of African slaves. West African Vodun is the original form of the religion; Haitian Vodou and Louisiana Voodoo are its descendants in the New World.

Voodoo is not evil, it literally means ‘spirit’.

The practice of Voodoo includes activities that are taboo in other religions and cultures. Many ceremonies involve the sacrifice of live animals and the use of animal blood. Some also include the use of dried animal carcasses and animal parts. As far as human sacrifice, there hasn’t been anything documented.

People that practice Voodoo are called Voodoo people.

Today over 60 million people practise voodoo worldwide and it is particularly prevalent amongst the ancestors of African slaves, for example in Brazil, Haiti, Cuba and America. Even in Europe, where members of these countries have settled, voodoo is discreetly practised.

Is Voodoo Evil

Voodoo is an African religious tradition, NOT a religion. It is practiced by those in the West African Vodun religion, and, unlike what many ignorant people (such as the first answerer) assume, it has almost nothing to do with dolls representing humans. It is a monotheistic religion, much like Judeo-Christianity, and it asserts that a single God called Mawu created the Earth, humans, and lesser deities and spirits which are represented by nature (e.g. in streams, trees and other nature stuff)

Vanessa and Unix are correct. Voodoo is a religion in which there’s sort of a mix of folk-medicine & witchcraft. yes, they do kill animals, I don’t know if they kill ppl but they do use human blood for some things. I think this is very similar to Santeria. With all due respect to believers… this is evil!!

A house against itself will not stand!!!! Voodoo can’t cast out Satan b/c it is Satan’s work (on the down low).

Em i know everyone has their own opinion but i totally disagree with that , voodoo is evil thats what i think voodoo has destroyed many peoples lives like mine it is nowhere safe etc . It has killed many family members that are close to me . Im sorry but thats my personal view and opinion .

Vanessa is right. Voodoo originated as an African religion. When slaves came to the New World they mixed their old beliefs with Catholic beliefs and Voodoo was born. Most voodoo practitioners profess to be Catholics, albeit with an African bent.

Voodoo is simply a primitive belief in magic and mystery. It isn’t evil but it is ignorant. Hoodoo is quite similar. It’s Santeria that involves animal sacrifice and is properly classified a religion. It is not evil either. There is no religion or belief system that involves human sacrifice other than the Texas “justice” system that still condones capital punishment. You call a believer/practitioner of voodoo or hoodoo “Mister”, or “Mr.” or “Miss” just like you address any other human being upon first being introduced.
Santeria has clergy who are known as the “Houdoun” who perform the rituals of that belief system. In both voodoo and hoodoo, anyone can perform ritualistic behaviors meant to entertain and to drive away evil. Yes, drive away evil – they no more care for evil than you do. They just have a different approach to dealing with it when it rears it’s ugly head.

Voodoo is a religious tradition originating in West Africa, which became prominent in the New World due to the importation of African slaves.

The Christian chirch rapidly sought to discredit this religion in favour of its own by launching a vicious and comprehensive campaign of msinformation. This included claiming that Voodoo included devil worship, black magic and other features when none of this was, in fact true.

If you are looking for true evil in the story of Voodoo, it is in its treatment by Christians.

I think voodoo is like ancient magic (obviously not real) that tribes used to practise. I may be wrong but it’s often confused with hoodoo which is the dolls and sticking pins into things (I got that off a tv show so I dont know how accurate it is….)

I do believe Voodoo has its roots to witchcraft, but do I believe it is wrong for somebody to believe in it? No, i don’t. If you want to believe something there is nothing wrong with that…and I can’t stand it when somebody attacks another religion based on what they believe. if your an Atheist then you believe something too…

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