What are the chances of non-koreans becoming a korean singer?

I am a non-korean (specifically Vietnamese) and I am almost sixteen. What are the chances of passing korean auditions and becoming a korean singer? I can sing and dance pretty well.

I’m Korean and I’m just gonna be honest with you and tell you that it won’t be very easy. It’s already really hard for the Koreans, and I bet you that it’d be twice as hard for non Koreans. Entertainments such as SM actually takes trainees at the age of 7-10 and trains them until they’re in their early twenties to actually debut them as singers. It’s not impossible though. There are non Korean singers in SM such as the Chinese member in SJ and Thai member in 2PM, but they’re both pretty fluent in Korean. To make debuting in Korea as a possibility you have to be at least fluent in Korean. I hope this helped. Good luck to you!

hi fellow Malaysian~ in any case, 21 years old remains ok. Sandara Park & Park Bom are like 26 this twelve months and the additionally debuted like 6 months decrease back or so. so yeah, that’s not undesirable. once you’re chinese language, you have a extra ideal hazard of having into extra ideal than Indian/Malay and so on. i’m no longer asserting you will no longer get universal once you’re Malay or Indian and so on yet i’m in basic terms asserting people who look Korean (aka chinese language & jap) have extra ideal possibilities. different than that, end being afraid and go audition!!! Seeing as you could act, sing, play piano and all that, you have an earnings, so yeah. upload Oil!! Malaysia Boleh!!!!!

It all depends. Are you good looking? Are you super duper good at singing? Are you even fluent in korean? Give them a reason to choose you over the other trainees.

Why don’t you become a Vietnamese singer?

I think everyone who’s in south east Asia has a Korea-obsession phase at one point, I know I did 🙂

Never really got around to a Japanese one though !

Good luck 🙂

im not entirely sure, but here in japan there are alot of non-japanese singers who turn out to be very popular. examples are crystal kay (she is half black half korean, but raised in japan so she is fluent in japanese), alan (half tibetan half chinese), leah dizon (american race queen who is half chinese-filipino half french-american), and boa who is korean.

although they break into the japanese artists as j-pop singers, japanese people still categorise them into ‘foreign singers’. of course being foreign doesnt stop them from having a large fanbase and achieving top ten placings in the charts, there is still a cultural distant between them and the japanese. however this can also be twisted into an advantage. leah dizon became very popular very quickly because of her ‘hot american girl’ image. however now that she is pregnant and married i dont know if it still applies…

if you are good you will be accepted and cheered upon but otherwise you will be boo-ed.

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