Why do Liberals blame Bush for rising gas prices?

They want a scapegoat and unfortunately with the unpopular war and the less than eloquent speech our Republican President is used. It’s interesting how much is actually unfairly pinned on him:

It’s his fault we’re still in Iraq (despite the fact that Democrats have had a majority in BOTH Houses of Congress since 2006).

It’s his fault that oil prices are so high (even though it’s the Democrats who are refusing to allow more domestic drilling which would lower oil prices).

It’s his fault that the American Dollar is doing so bad (even though he has no control whatsoever over that).

And while we’re at it let’s blame him for all of our natural disasters too. Hey I bet even global warming is his fault.

It’s all politics. Democrats want an even larger majority in Congress and they want a Democratic President so rather than assigning blame where blame is due, they pin it on the President so that fewer voters will be willing to support his party. It’s ridiculous.

Dr. George Nowak- Gas prices haven’t jumped 400% in the past 7 years. Increasing 400% means quadrupling (or multiplying by four times). With gas prices at around $4.25 per gallon that would have put gas at about $1.06 per gallon before Bush. You’re math is a little off…

Why do fools fall in love? I don’t know. And I was just talking to a non liberal conservative person the other day and he also blames Bush for gas prices. So don’t say Liberals are doing all the blaming.

Can’t speak for everybody, but I don’t blame Bush for high gas prices. Prices are set on an international commodity trade board.

I do, however, argue that drilling for more oil will have no effect on gas prices for the same reason. Sure there is a “supply and demand” argument, but it is weak because the total amount we could supply is a drop in the bucket of world output.

Liberals don’t. Facts do. Gas prices jumped 400% under his administration, and the warmongering didn’t really help. Bush and Cheney are also big oil men. Hey, if I could make a buck or two or two million, I would too!

It doesn’t really take a lot to understand. A no-brainer really
Dudya is from Texas, and the family has been in the oil business for many years. He’s hoarding gas in reserves to keep the prices abnormally high. And he has claimed to know very little about economics, which we can clearly see. Add all this up, and it points in his direction very sharply.

It’s not just liberals that are doing this. But anyone that is, it’s probably because they are only looking at a small piece of a big picture.

Since the beginning of W’s term he put a heavy emphasis on the use of petroleum energy. Their is even a speech by Chaney that says it specifically.

they seem to have problems remembering things… like the fact that the liberals are the ones who are preventing us from drilling off our own coasts.

drill here. drill now. pay less.

someone has to take the blame i guess.

DNC talking points.

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