Why has SEASON’S GREETINGS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS suddenly become a bad thing?

For as long as IJR can remember, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and SEASON’S GREETINGS were perfectly acceptable and welcomed. Vintage Christmas cards abound with the BEST WISHES and HAPPY HOLIDAYS and SEASON’S GREETINGS. Why have they all of a sudden become such a bad thing. People have actually glared at IJR when IJR…

“May Santa run over your dog with his sleigh?” That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

To answer your question, the reason “Season’s Greetings” and “Happy Holidays” are now being frowned upon by the politically correct (my favorite people) is because some opposing PC paladins wanted to start calling Christmas trees “holiday trees” a couple years back. This, of course, is completely idiotic, since the whole point of this movement was to avoid excluding Jews and people who celebrate Kwanzaa, and Jews and people who celebrate Kwanzaa don’t use Christmas trees, because, obviously, Jews celebrate Chanukha and people who…well you get the idea. To call it anything other than a Christmas tree is obsolete.

So now, middle-class, Republican, white-bred nationalists are frowning upon the use of such phrases as “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings” because they view them as a threat to their Christian elitism. You know, “God Bless America, Land that I Love…”

Happy Holidays is annoying to me. it’s just so bland. its like walking up to someone and saying “Generic greeting, insert name here, I hope you’ve had a day!”
Season’s Greetings is even more annoying to me because it denies the existence of there even being a holiday, and thus any religion associated with it!
Merry Christmas is somewhat more palatable. even though I don’t belong to any form of Abrahamic Monotheism, and I was raised Jewish I’d still rather hear Merry Christmas than either of the previous two because at you’re trying to be jolly but you’re not so concerned with about being politically correct that you end up sounding like more of a jerk.
if you were to tell me “May Santa run over your dog with his sleigh” I would find it hilarious, and be unable to argue with you.

well its all the religion “offencest” who find any thing that differs from their own mind set is all of the sudden “offensive” I mean I don’t even celebrate christmas, but I don’t find it offensive when some one says “merry christmas” is how it got started, then the same people said Seasons greetings and happy holidays takes away their individuality….so the religious offencests

You se i don’t mind seasons greetings. Happy holidays seems so tacky or maybe because it isn’t actually a holiday as most of us work during the period.
I still prefer Merry Christmas, it’s just traditional due to my upbringing.
(i won’t get into a debate about the religious aspects of it)

When I am outside and people make funny faces at me when AI say “Blessed Yule” I just ask them if all of their boogies froze all at once in their nose, and then say man that must be aggravating eh?

Grrrrrrr….. yes, this is quite annoying. It’s not that saying “merry christmas” would offend me, I just find it to be respectful to include everyone and say happy holidays. Respect for others is something they all preach, they should welcome it.

People want to be pissed at something. There’s nothing wrong with saying those things, any more than there is anything wrong with saying merry xmas.

cause O’Reillys corporate overlords want him to rant about inconsequential nonsense to distract us from what the U.S. is really up to as far as more important things like torture, unwinnable occupations of foreign countries, the chipping away of citizens civil rights, etc. of course its more recently used to cover up investment and lender bank malfeasance and bailout of said banks and the masses eat that up as if it were an attack on xtianity

When a belief system is found wanting and backed into a corner they start to fight dirty.

Make funny faces at them when they sneer.


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