1986 VOLVO 240 – engine transplant?

Is there a suitable V6 OR V8 that will fit into the VOLVO 240 engine compartment. Rebuilding the existing engine is out of the question – the block has a rod sticking out the side of it.
How about a small block chevy 350 w/automatic transmission? Or a 3.8 V6?

while i am more partial to an old small block chevy than the old small block ford. the ford is a better fit for this application[due to oil pump and oil pan sump location] this makes for an easier fit with the existing front cross-member.
there are plans available, but you will need much better than good fabrication skills of your own.
.[using a wrecked injected mustang as a parts source will be your least expensive route [just buy the whole car and part out what you know you will need. keeping it [the hulk] around long enough to get your car running and driving, then back off to the salvage yard with it.
arrangements can be made for this ahead of time and having the donor car close by will keep the late night. where am i gonna get one of those at this hour? headaches away
have fun [these sleep well] but hide the pipes [they’ll never know what hit em].

why bother, just get a second hand volvo engine, they are so easy and basic to fit, but ive found that over 120,000 miles they need an overhaul.
volvo did do a 6 cylinder,( straight) which they fitted in earlier series, but you would have too many other things to change that it wouldnt be economically viable,

Check out turbobricks.com. Lots of info there

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