7 Year old boy acting silly?

We have a seven year old boy (only child). He does well in school, however when he is on the spot, or the attention is on him he just acts kind of silly, making strange noises, talking alot, can’t sit still, sometimes he acts like a cat. I like to think that he has a great imagination and he will just grow out…

He needs consequences, and a strict line drawn for him.

Your boy is very normal. When kids are put on the spot as you say they are very uncomfortable with the situation they are in. Have you ever watched a child you that you have asked an unusual question too, they either go really shy and try and hide behind mum or dad or they act a little crazy.
As far as being a sore looser in games. Some kids are very competitive and really don’t like to loose. I have four grand children and the two boys complete to be the best in front of me and get extremely annoyed with one and other saying that the other one cheated just to prove that they were the better player. I think being competitive is a good thing being a sore looser is another.
My suggestion is when he acts silly, I wouldn’t embarrass him further by making the statement (stop acting silly or something like that) in front of other people …I am not suggesting that that is happening just that some people do. I would say to the people around him that he is just a little shy. After the event ask him was he embarrassed and say you understand and work on how to build his confidence
With regards to getting angry playing – try and encourage the fun side of the game. I would encourage to try and be better at what ever he is doing with out getting upset with the fact that he may have lost (this time) Encouraging someone can only lead to better a understanding of what ever the situation is whether it be academic, painting, music or sports.

Kids are fun and a challenge. Good Luck

He’s acting like a child. There is so much pressure for kids to grow up fast now a days. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a 7 year old playing and pretending to be a cat or acting silly. It’s what kids do. As for the loosing, you described me as a child! I was overly sensitive (and still am) I could never take critisicm or loosing well. It’s just part of his unique personality, and I really believe that my competiveness and sensitivity has helped me get into medical school! He has a good drive! Good luck and he seems like a normal little boy! Good job

All boys that age do this – it is a way of relieving the stresses of the day – especially with the pressure that they are put under in schools these days.It is good for them to let off some steam.
My boys acted so and sometimes they were all at it! When it went too far I simply let them know that enough was enough and that was it.
Being a bad loser is another matter and that needs dealing with.
Perhaps for his “silliness” channeling that into a drama group or something would be a good idea and for being a bad loser a sports club or cubs where he could learn to take the roughwith the smooth might help?

Most young children will act silly when put on the spot!! Both of my kids did it!! He will stop this when he get a bit older (hopefully!!) and as for the acting like a cat, well ALL children have active imaginations and like to pretend to be something at some point in their early life, my 2 certainly did in fact my daughter used to hop around like a rabbit at that age!!
As for the getting angry, well do you like to lose?? But as a child he isn’t thinking as an adult would and rationalising his behaviour!! It’s nothing to worry about as in my experience it is again something he should grow out of, my son who’s 11 still gets angry if things don’t go his way!!
The best thing that you can do for now is to ignore this behaviour and just relax and enjoy your son, he’ll be grown before you know it!!
Hope this helps….

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My son is the same age and is as silly as they come. Last year, I talked to his teacher and she assured me that it was just “the age” and he would mature. Well, I’m still waiting…and think it will be less of an issue next year. I’m a substitute and do see a huge difference between the 2nd &3rd grade boys. HOWEVER, I have talked to my son about what is appropriate at school; some sillyness is ok, but the rolling on the floor, being “loud”, jumping, is NOT ok in the building. I have also explained that since he is turning into a “big kid” and he needs to NOT act like a K student. He does sorta get it, but a lot has to do w/their age. I don’t want to crush his spirit, but he needs to know where to draw the line. Talk to him and help him find other ways to let out his “activeness” in a better way. EDIT: a lot of posters say it is for attention…well, I disagree, at least for my son. it is completely who he is and has nothing to do w/trying to get attention that we might not be providing at home. 7 y.o. boys are very impulsive.

Silly Noises

My son is 6 and has just started speaking with a baby voice!
It’s the most annoying thing ever! Grrrrr

I was talking to one of the other mothers at the school gates and it turns out her son does it as well, on further conversations with other parents there appears to be a group of kids (my son included) who make it a game at school to use this silly voice!

I dealt with at home by saying to my son that if he spoke to me using the silly voice then I would ignore him. The message soon sunk in after he was ignored a few times.
It is just a phase they seem to go through.

My seven year old is exactly like that. We tested him twice for ADHD and autism with child behavorial specialists. The school also ran tests on him. They all said he’s fine. He is just using his imagination.
If you are concerned, you can ask the school if they have concerns about his behavior. If his grades are good and he gets his work done, chances are he wants to be the class clown when the attention is on him.

well this is normal for a kid his age but u could sit him down and hav a talk with him about what hes doing. go to a counceler my aunt had to do that and he stoped acting that way

I know this might be a bit alarmist but have you considered something like ADD or slight autism. Dont mean to offend but it could be.

Or else he is just being a normal 7 yr old.

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