Abortion:Are you pro choice or Pro life?

And just a reminder, you can’t be “pro life” if you have exceptions. Don’t get mad, I’m jsut saying, you’re not pro life if you say “abortion is alright if you were raped.”

Are you pro life or pro choice?

Star if you like hot chocolate!

would you like it if your mother killed you?


Pro Choice

i’m definitely pro-life…if you were raped then you could easily give the baby up for adoption if you can’t stand to look at her/him…i do think that’s it’s ok to get an abortion however (although I would not recommend it) if the mother has severe medical problems in which the baby would have a very low survival chance anyway. Not to mention the mother could possibly die. So if the baby has a very high possibility of dieing in the womb anyway, then I don’t see why it would be a problem to at least save the mother. So I do think that that’s the reason some people with those conditions get an abortion, but I still am a bit pro-life even in that situation since I don’t think we should just give up on the baby…I mean any chance, even if it’s a small one, there’s still a chance the baby could survive.

pro choice

I’m Pro-Life and a listener of Fr. Frank Pavone on EWTN, Friday at 10:00pm and support his efforts and email his suggested people that I should. I would like to say that I’m thankful that your Mom was Pro-Life also for you to be asking this question today. So, I thank God for that.
I would like nothing more than to think of a little baby being carried by his Mom right now and her thinking that she should abort and her changing her mine either through keeping the baby or giving it up for adoption and then one day that little child would be enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with some home made cookies after coming home from a good day at school with his friends and telling his Mom all about it. Let’s give all kids a chance, and Let’s let people live before we conveniently pull the plug on them so as not to jeopardize our future with the burden of caring for a sick person.
If you are Pro-Life you must get Pro-active and write your representatives starting with Obama to your local ones. And, you must in a peaceful way express your views to people. Do not argue just state the facts, only God has the power to change peoples minds, but between prayer and letter writing and expressing our views we can make a difference even if we reach only one person.



Pro-Life….abortion is not ok for any reason in my opinion. There are other options and god always has plan.

If a “clump” of cells on other planets is considered life, why wouldn’t a developing fetus be?

I am 100% pro life with no exceptions. As Ronald Reagan once said “Ive noticed that everyone who is for abortion is already born.”

Pro choice.

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