An Honest Sexual Fantasy Qustion: If You’re Easily Offended Please Do Not Enter.?

I am an honest Male and, like most men, I have the odd Sexual Fantasy. One of my Top 5 is the Popular Classic, two women having sex. I know many men have the same idea & I also know some women share this fantasy. I know this because a couple of Female friends of mine openly admit to it & they claim that it’s a…

Yes, there are women who imagine men together. Ever heard of slash fiction? Almost all of it is written by, and read by, women.

It’s called that for the key between the names of the characters in the story, as in Adam/Steve.

Also, many fans of “Queer as Folk” are women.

The idea of two men together makes me ill. In one of the montages for South Park there is Mr. Garrison having it with (I think) Mr. Slave and even tho its a cartoon, my stomach turns. I’m okay with gay men but if I think of the couple doing it, I get the same reaction.
Nor do I fantasize about watching two women. Just not my cup of tea.
BUT I’ve sort of been doing an informal poll over the years and found this out: men just can’t stomach the thought of two men together while two women doesn’t bother them. For the women, two women together bothers them while men do not.
Guess it all depends on the gender?
Good Q!

I would not want to see men doing the dirty, no thankyou. I think that the reason why it is less offensive for people to see women together is because, women are sexual beings, the epitomy of sexuality. Beautiful loving sexual creatures. I am completely hetrosexual by the way.

I have no problem with two men having sexual relations with each other, but is doesn’t interest me as a fantasy.

The thing about two women, is womon know what turns women on, better than some men. Men can be shown and can learn to do the right thing, but men are different to women, women know their own bodies, so they know a lot about what excites women.

This is true of men with men relationships, in that men know what excites men, but with most men it is women which attracts them, so to that extent homosexuality with men, is a side issue which I cannot hope to understand.

Most normal women don’t fantasize about two men having sex. Do straight men really think about that? I never knew that.

erm none does it for me i perfer a one on one and going wild. i found that asking men after being in a 3sum with two women they find its not what they expected or as full filling one could say… i have thought about having sex with two men at the same time to be a bit of thrill but you cant beat one on one.

That is as old as the story about a man who gets in the elevator of a 50 floor building. On the 2nd floor the elevator stops, and in walks the most beautiful woman, wearing the most sexiest of outfits. As soon as the doors close, she walks up to him real close, looks into his eyes, and whispers in a very seductive voice, “There are 48 floors left to go, make me feel like a woman.” So the man starts to undress and throws his clothes on the floor of the elevator, and goes, “OK, Press these right now!”

no hun. not two men. it just isnt right. It isnt a turn on.if i HAD and i repeat HAD to make a choice, it would be two women.
Keep in mind i am hetro and i do have a boyfriend. But two men, it just doesnt work. as far as two men ina fantasy goes, i know of some women who would have a threesome with two guys. but not just fantasizing about two guys.

I don’t find the idea of two men having sex together repellant, but its definitely not something I’d fantasise about or find a sexual turn on.

I’m gay, so obviously 2 men, but I have no problem watching lesbian sex, sometimes it actually pretty hot. Your fantasy is your own. I think as long as it doesn’t involve really hurting someone its okay.

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