Black men how come a white man can have a longer relationship with a black woman than you do with her?

In most cases, broken homes of black families are caused by the behavior of the black man, for example cheating and the rest…however, the few relationships and marriages between black women and white men tend to last.
This may mean that a black man does not know what he has in a black woman and he takes her…

There is a real problem in the Black community and the root is the mental and economic slavery in the Black man. Black men walking away from their women is a result. The Black community does not know how to stick together and build their wealth like the Jews, Asians…etc. If Black men continue to procreate with races other than their own, then the Black race will eventually disappear.

Really? What about Barack Obama and Michelle Obama? What about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith?


Also, if white men are so loyal, then why do they take business trips to Asia and sleep with Asian women when they have white wives at home? Then when the Asian woman gets pregnant, the man disappears back to America to fall into the arms of his white wife…while back in Asia, the innocent Asian woman who was taken advantage of, is left with a baby. She never sees the guy again. He doesn’t take care of his half white / half Asian child, nor pays any child support.

Also, the reason only a few white men are with black women is because many white men are racist and black women won’t tolerate that nonsense. I can’t say I blame them. Every race has problems between the males and females and there are bad apples in every race. However, don’t hold white men up as a shining example of anything. Here are a few of them who cheated:

1. Governor Arnold Schwarzneggar fondled women all over America and has a wife at home. He is white.

2. Governor Mark Sanford cheated on his wife with a woman from Argentina. He is white.

3. Senator Larry Craig tried to hook up with men by tapping his foot in the men’s bathroom. He has a wife at home. He is white.

4. Senator John Edwards cheated on his wife with a woman who got pregnant. He is white.

5. Jude Law cheated on his wife with the babysitter. He is white.

6. Hugh Grant cheated on his wife with a prostitute. He is white.

The white woman doesn’t realize that her white knight has tons of cracks in his armor…that’s why there is a stereotype that white men are faithful. They “faithfully” cheat, but most make sure that she will never find out.

Black marriages with TWO black people lasts longer than any interracial relationship, but you are right that white men/black women relationships do last longer than black men/white women relationships. I think thats because too many bm/ww relationships are based on stereotypes. Many black men have forgotten that they’re stereotyped and have decided to be the stereotypeR so they hate all black women “because we are ALL angry and mean” (lol.. *sigh*) so they make excuses for white women, then they realize that its not true and that perhaps the problem is not in the women, but in themselves…. o_O wait, they never realize that, sorry… Anyways, many white women have fantasies of black men sexually or a number of other reasons that I dont care about, but they aren’t true. When they find out how hard it is to be in an interracial relationship with the pressures and guilt and stuff, they find it easier to leave I guess…

Most Black women and white men don’t seek each other out at all. I think when the two actually do meet and marry its because of a true attraction and like of the other person.

LoL Wut!?

I think somebody screwed around with wikipedia again…that or some racial profiling.

Seriously, some people just suck at life, its them that cause stuff like broken homes.
Once i asked one of my friends why he was still with his girlfriend even though he didn’t like her, his answer was;

”sex insurance”

You can’t help it, there just happens to be people like that around. BTW, my friend was white.

Yeah, but if this is all true, why does Jet magazine finds a new black couple every week that have been married for 40 years?

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My parents have been married for over 30 years! My and spouse have been together since high school. And this also includes some of my friends. And you are wrong most broken homes are caused by BROKEN black females SINCE BLACK FEMINISM. Black women have been conditioned by the white man since slavery when you had to raise white children to be your superiors and EMASCULATE BLACK CHILDREN [most specifically SONS] to be their inferiors. So quit acting like you aint a part of all this mess. Also there are more black marriages than interracial marriages so the basis of your question lacks accuracy.

Edit: Since when was cheating exclusively a black male phenomenon? Statistics prove 80PERCENT of men cheat in their relationship. Nice try attempting to devalue black manhood.

Most marriages end in divorce.I doubt a white guy black girl relationship is any different.

I don’t think it’s just black men, I think every type of men play with women, they’re called immature guys.
Every woman should be beware of those. & My dad is white and left my family and is a loooser.

Don’t be fooled…. white guys are players too, it’s just that black guys are about showing off… that’s all they do is show off… big clothes funky hair talking loud.. cultural acceptable to show off and the bigger, badder, the better…

I guess…

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