Can American enemies be summarized to these three 3 things since the 20th century?

I’m not the greatest at history, but I thought about this?

The American enemies since 1900 have been:

Fascism (WWI & II)
Communism (Cold War)
Terrorism (War in Iraq)

Is this an accurate statement, or am I way off base?

European Imperialism versus American Isolationism for World War I. The existence of Germany had thrown off the traditional balance of power between Britain and France. So much so that France and Britain would ally with each other, and would eventually add Russia to their alliance. Despite this, Germany still looked strong enough to fight all three, and that is precisely what happened for most of WWI. German defeat was only possible in 1918 because of the American entry into the war an the ability to ship American troops across the Atlantic in great numbers. Had America not entered WWI, it is likely that the war would have lasted into the 20s before France and Britain would have managed to force Germany to come to terms. It has been argued that if the US had sided with Britain and France in 1914 rather then late 1917, Germany may not have been as willing to plunge into war with all of Europe after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. But, America was still too isolationist and wouldn’t involve itself in global affairs.

Fascism for WWII is an accurate “summary” as both Italy and Germany were Fascist countries, and while Japan wasn’t “Fascist”, its policies aligned them with their Fascist European allies.

Soviet Communism for the Cold War is the most accurate, as our government from Truman through Reagan was focused entirely on what the Russians were doing. And Nixon would ally the US with Communist China because the Chinese appeared to be anti-Soviet.

Terrorism is likely America’s only remaining real enemy, but that conflict presently linked to that is Afghanistan, not Iraq. There was no Al Qaeda activity in Iraq before the 2003 invasion. Al Qaeda only moved in after we took Saddam down.


Firstly, most American enemies have just been minding their own business – eg: Iraq, Spain (1898, but near enough), Cambodia,
or have been one side in a civil war – eg: Vietnam, Korea, Nicaragua, Serbia.

Secondly, Facism has nothing to do with WWI, (it didn’t exist until the 1`920s), or with the war in pacific in WWII.

Thirdly, Terrorism has nothing to do with Iraq.

Finally, America’s biggest war, against Japan, was caused by US imperialism running into Japanese expansionism. The two had a lot in common, and the conflict was predictable – indeed it was predicted in about 1925 by US admiral Billy Mitchel – who was tried & booted out of the Navy for warning of it.

those last two are lies. the U.S government made an overwhelmingly large campaign against communism in the 1950s because they knew if americans found out about a society in which they would not be able to be used as virtual slave to the almighty dollar, they would immediately rush the white house and hang their masters. terrorism was the same deal. bush kept the images of 9/11 going in our minds to further his own sick and twisted lust for oil and modern imperialism(otherwise known as the spread of democracy by conservative media)

Sam N’s answer is essentially correct, except that France and Russia were allied with each other before Britain reached an “understanding” (entente) with France before WW I.

I would say you kind of hit it on the head there. I agree fully.

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