Can someone tell me why these questions were deleted?

These were the questions: “What is the freakiest dream you have ever had,” “Let’s play a game,” (it was making a poem), and “Avatar Game” which was just like write three complements to the person above you or whatever. I already wrote to Yahoo and they said that they were in…

They are considered chatting which is a violation.

Yahoo! Answers is a question-and-answer community of people sharing knowledge. Yahoo considers these as examples of chatting:

How are you?
How old are you?
How was your day?
How is everyone today?
What are you / I doing, thinking of, wearing, etc.?
Can you guess my name, age, sex, weight, birthday, location, etc.?
What’s your name, age, sex, weight, birthday, location, etc.?
Who is from…?
Who plays …here?
Who wants to chat?
Do you like my avatar, web site, poem, etc.?
Who wants to celebrate my birthday, drivers license, first 100 points, level 7?
Where is user (nickname) gone?
Avatar games and games of any nature.
Am I/she/he/pretty?
Rate me from 1-10.

The main idea is that a question must be 1) advice-seeking and 2) knowledge-worthy.

₪ ɦəlʞɹɐq ₪

There are two parts to a question. There is the basic question itself that you see when you are skimming down through the questions. You might call them the “headliners”. Then when you click answer you get the whole rest of the question.
What you quoted above as your question was okay but is it possible your “rest of the question” area had some really bad stuff in it?
I haven’t known YA to arbitrarily delete harmless questions.

You need to read the Y!A Community Guidelines. The questions were reported & deleted for being ‘chat’. In fact, avatar games are specifically mentioned in the guidelines as being violations.


don’t sense undesirable niente, I have been given an answer deleted final evening besides. The question became into asked on the relation between Jesus and astrology and with reference to the sunlight representing the crown…etc. My answer became into to no longer purchase into devil’s lie. have been given booted. Oh nicely, it did no longer supply up me from suited and it won’t supply up me sooner or later the two.

I agree that is a harmless question. Once it is removed, then it is already removed. I think it is lame and they don’t really do anything. I told a funny joke, saying “Why are we seeing so many brown rabbits in the woods? How did that happen?” The answer is “Bears ran out of toilet paper.” That is a really harmless joke. PFfft!

I think a small chat is harmless unless they’re posting their private conversions online or posting their contact information (other than on their profile.)

Because it was more like chatting them asking a question that needed an answer. Or polling. This is strictly an question and answer site.

Avatar games are not allowed and considered point gaming.

Because they were poll questions. And polls are considered chat here. You weren’t seeking knowledge.

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