Do i have to purchase a mass air flow sesor if i install a KN cold air intake?

2005 Chevy colorado 3.5 i5 or is the after market maf sensor just an addition for perfomance the cold air intake is k&n fipkair intake (fuel injection performance kit) part #57-3043

Nope you can use the old one. It will be in the instructions.

you need a maf it tells the ecu the exact mass of the air and per 14.7 pounds of air it injects 1 pound of fuel if yopu do not have it the comp will go to the one from the factory and it will probably be very lean

if you get a new pipe you will need a new maf

YOU need the MAF sencer It tall the computer how much air you are getting in the engine without it it will not run right. if you want to check just dis connect it with the moter running and you will see

some vehicles will lose low end power when you add a filtercharger without a MAF sensor. that was the case on my friends ’96 t-bird

just as you said a kit that should have all you need unless you just wanted to keep adding money to it

If the unit is spesifically for your model than you shouldn’t have to buy anything else.

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