Do you think George W. Bush was a good president?

Just want to know your opinion let me know!

Good no. terrible no. had allot of tough choices to make and screwed some up. I am happy to see him go but i don’t think he was as bad as alot of people make him out to be.

Why is it that everyone wants to criticize President Bush, but no one has anything to say about Nancy Polsi and Congress. Bush’s approval rating was what…..29% and Congress’s is what….14%?
We now have a New Democratic President and a Democratic controlled Congress…….who are the American public going to blame now that Bush is gone!
Bush was our President during one of the toughest times in American history. He had some awful tough decisions to make, and yes he made some wrong decisions and mistakes but it’s easy for the American public to play arm-chair quarterback and second guess his decisions.
Lets ALL get behind our new President, whether you like him or not, he’s OUR President! AND, lets demand that Congress do it’s job. They work for US!
President George W Bush was a Damn Good President!

Well given the fact that Cheney was really the President and not Bush I can’t really say what Bush was except a figure head.

Two million people on the mall to watch Obama. Sure hope he got a good look out the window when he flew out of town. Eight years wasted.

properly…. he threw our national treasury to the Billionaires and left us with 2 extremely high priced foreign places wars and a advantageous new concentration camp the place WE torture human beings like a team of goddamned Nazis….. The little under the impact of alcohol became good for his wealthy pals.

My quick answer is that he was the worst in our history.
But to be fair, a better assessment can be made in ten years or so. His legacy will then have some substance to be fairly rated.

N O. When in history has a puppet been a “good president”?

Gee, never thought of that, I just vote my party and the heck with everything else.

No he wasnt but I honestly felt bad for the guy yesterday when he was getting in the airplane… 🙁

Yeah, I think he was a GREAT president! (I know Bush, like, for real) any way next to Ronald Regan he has been the best!

We love you Bush!

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