Favorite NHL Hockey Team?

Which NHL hockey team is your favorite?

Mine are the FLYERS – all day, everyday!!

I am a Toronto Maple Leaf fan.
I have always been a Toronto Maple Leaf fan.
My father was a Toronto Maple Leaf fan.
He was a Toronto Maple Leaf fan until the day he died.
My grand father was Belgian.
Apparently that is an acceptable excuse for not being a Toronto Maple Leaf fan. I don’t buy it.


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Tampa Bay Lightning

my favorite nhl team is the detriot red wings all the way with 10 stanley cups better than the flyers

From the day I was born at South Buffalo Mercy till the day I die, it will be the Buffalo Sabres. Been with them through the good and the bad, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Sabres got the cup with out danny and Chris.

Let’s Go Buffalo!

Broad Street Bullies

The Wild

Wings. By far. but then again im from detroit.

second place though, hmmm i would have to say Minnesota or Dallas.

its a shame i dont get more of a chance to see the eastern conference teams, any one of them could be my favorite.

The flyers have a great team. And have cool jerseys, but I would have to go with the Red Wings. There’s alot of talent there.

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