Forget spending cuts and raising taxes, how about if we simply eliminate government WASTE?

We could raise taxes on “the rich” by $400 billion per year and STILL have a $1 trillion spending deficit. And there’s no chance that democrats are going to agree to hundreds of billions in spending cuts. So why isn’t the Obama administration targeting the hundreds of billions in government…

Yep, they have more than enough if they cut the crap that’s already not Constitutional and get smart about Military spending cutting the pork there.

“Bills to cut government waste?” NO NO FLIPPING BILLS! CUT BILLS AND STOP PASSING SO MUCH GARBAGE! and we’ll be much better off.

Simple Truth, Raising Taxes does not increase Revenues, it slows the economy, plus the Government has no right to just take your money, no matter how much you make. And who’s yelling for it? Asshats who GET MONEY in stead of paying taxes. How flipping perverse is that?

And Obama will never live up to his word, the Democrats never do. Raise Taxes, then they won’t cut later, that’s what happens. Like Regan agreed to amnesty if they would button up the border, did they even think of living up to their end of the deal? NO! and the NEVER DO! they are liars, it’s what they are, it’s all they are.

Yes. Absolutely. Fed. Gov. employs 4.3 million employees, NOT COUNTING the military. Start by eliminatng entirely the Dept. of Education, Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Housing & Urban Development, Dept. of Labor, and Dept. of Interior. The FDA and EPA should go too. We don’t need any of these.

Cut every Dept. 50% immediately.

Sorry my friendly Tea Party Fearing Republican. Obama was willing to have spending cuts @75% of the budget and only 25% was fixing loopholes and stopping the Bush Tax Cuts. The Tea Party Fearing Republicans won’t stand for anything that affects the rich in any way.

That is what EVERY politician says he/she is going to do during elections.

Besides, is not closing tax loopholes eliminating government waste?

Government waste is a huge problem, but government expenditures that are deemed necessary and legitimate are important, as well.

You must have missed the info about the $4 Trillion/10 year package that was on the table but the GOP refused to consider since it also included closing tax loop holes…


It’s not Bush’s fault.

It’s up to CONGRESS to come up with bills that eliminate government WASTE.

It’s up to Congress to make deals with the President. That’s how our Government works!

I believe welfare needs to be reformed. We do NOT need to be paying entitlements and/or benefits to ILLEGALS. We do not need to be paying welfare to generations of healthy people who don’t want to work. Reform welfare and enforce immigration. How much would that save us?

Yes you are right conboy. Nobody has ever though about this before

You deserve an award

that is where the true savings are.

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