Guys, would consider a serious, long term relationship with a woman who?

Strips to pay for college?

If it was restricted to stripping – and on the proviso that as soon as funding became available – the stripping would stop.

I find the fact that young girls have to strip for a living to be demeaning to the human spirit. Surely our society can do better than that.

(Now on to the things many young men have to do for a living – emotionally and morally stripping themselves bare to make a buck – selling drugs, robbing etc – surely our society can do better than that)…..

I am always honest with you and I would find it hard to date a stripper! On the other hand I wouldn’t have a problem dating a former stripper who had no desire to do it again. It would be strange to date someone that I could go see naked in a club. Heck the only 3 women I dated long term it took me close to a year to see them naked (I move slow).

I actually went out on a few “casual dates” with a former stripper, we worked together for a while and then I moved on to another job and we went out to dinner a few times after that. We actually went to college together and possibly had a same class with each other too but didn’t remember each other, she dropped out after one semester and became a stripper. Then 5 years later she was hired as a customer service rep at a store I was assistant manager at, we got along well and became friends but employees were not allowed to “date”. So after I took a new job we went out a couple of times but it was more just a friendly date to just catch up with each other!

Stripping would be no problem, except for the hours. When would we date? I might have a problem with a girl that worked as an escort. That would be a little hard. I dated two exotic dancers over the years. They were pretty “hard” but otherwise, OK girls.

It depends. Aside from the obvious jealousy and manly pride issues, there’s the practicality. You go to school during the day and dance evenings/nights. When do you spend time together?

it depends on the person. i wouldnt rule it out just based on that but it would be a turn off & unlikely i think.

I wouldn’t consider long term full stop .

I’m not big on dating strippers but I’d have to know them to really pass judgment.

dated 2 strippers b4…I think fool me twice rule applies to me


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