How can we get my boyfriends’ dog to STOP barking when we are not home?

Here’s his background- My boyfriends’ dog has MAJOR separation anxiety problems. He has been attached to his hip since he was like 3 weeks old. He follows him around the house- gets up when he gets up, waits outside the bathroom when he’s in there, never in a separate room, used to sleep in the bed with…

Hey! I’ve done a little research for you, and I found this awesome book by Victoria Stilwell. The following is an excerpt from her book called It’s Me or the Dog: How to have the Perfect Pet. This should definitely help you out:

“You will make things much worse for the dog if you make a big fuss when you leave. Don’t say, ‘See you later. I won’t be long, I promise!’ while fondling your dog’s ears. Instead, keep it low-key, withdrawing your attention from your dog 20 minutes before you leave. Keep it low-key when you return. Don’t say, ‘Oh! Did you miss me?’ as he jumps all over you. Instead, show him that your return is no big deal. You were out, and now you’re back.

“Leave him in a dog-proofed area with toys and other things to keep him busy. Cubes that you can stuff with treats will keep him occupied for quite a while.

“Dogs are very sensitive to changes in their environment. So what usually happens when you go out? Do you turn off the radio and the TV? Do you turn out the lights? If you do, your dog will find that his immediate world has suddenly changed from one that was bright and full of comforting sounds to a silent, dark place. Plus, you’re gone.

“Here, you can do a great deal to ease the stress of your absence by managing the dog’s environment. Keep the lights on when you go out. Leave the radio or the TV on. I often set the TV to a news channel so that the dog can hear voices. Or I’ll leave music playing. Any piece of music that is repetitive and not overly dynamic works well. I play Mozart, Bach, and Celtic music to my dogs.

“Make sure you are not gone too long. Four to six hours is the most you should leave an adult dog on his own.”

I hope this helps you! I know Victoria Stilwell is an amazing dog trainer! Here is her website: Good luck with your dog!

My dog has issues with separation anxiety. This is a problem that will not be fixed in one night. BUT! You can do something about it.

You have to condition him to accept this. Put him in a room. Go out of the room and close the door. If he starts to whine or bark, let him, but the second he stops or even takes a break come in immediately and give him a treat. Leave some toys in the room with him, ones that make noise, ones of different textures, whatever drives him crazy. Maybe get one of those toys that are practically indestructable and have a little compartment for food or treat, maybe put some peanut butter or other treats in there, he’ll have to work to get it out.

Start spending more and more time, up to an hour while you are home, where he stays in that room by himself. Make sure there’s nothing in his reach to destroy.

And make sure you keep doing the excercise where you wait for him tostop barking until he just remains quiet. He’ll learn that when he stops crying, you will come back…and then gradually lengthen the time before you return to treat him.

Also make sure he gets plenty of excersi to help relieve his anxiety. Whatever his excersice habits are now, try to double it. Take him somewhere he can just run and play. This will make him much calmer and less nuerotic.

Every dog needs some type of training. The first class I ever took a dog to was

It’s a very basic kind of class. They will help you with your dog, and show you how to work with your dog at home.

They’ll also answer any questions you have about your dog’s particular problems and how to handle them. The most important thing in dog training is to be consistent and work with your dog at home on the lessons. The PetSmart class teaches sit, down, come, and the very basics every dog needs to know. They will also help socialize your dog. You are unhappy with an untrained dog, and believe it or not, the dog is actually unhappy to. You need to take your dog now, as the older he gets, the harder it will be to correct your dog’s bad habits. Plus the classes are fun for you and your dog. My dog went from that first PetSmart class on to advanced obedience classes. You might also contact your local humane society. The one in my area offers obedience classes with a very good trainer at a reduced price.

There are desensitization training techniques that could be very effective. Here is an article from the Humane Society outlining some of them:

Medication is also an option, but I’d try the training first.

Neither is going to help with your problem tonight, but the situation is treatable.

First, verbally tell her to stop. Say “Name, that’s enough.” If that doesn’t work, spray her with dilluted vinigar. You could also try getting a colar that sprays dogs a little in the face when they bark, if you don’t have the time to put into spraying her yourself. However, doing it yourself will most likely work better. You could also try asking your vet what to do. They have great ideas when it comes to these kinda problems. Good luck!

Try a DAP Diffuser. Leave toys for him. Talk to your vet about putting him on Clomicalm.

Have like a piece of clothing or a piece of cloth with the scent of you or your boyfriend’s scent on it. When you are leaving, give the dog that then he will still “smell” you.

Give him something to do. Fill a kong with peanut butter and freeze it. Give him that or bones or toys. If they don’t work, could you get a behaviorist?

My friends used a shock collar.

take one long sock your boyfriend has worn then stuff with more tie a knot in the end please dont wash the socks you need the scent he wont miss him as bad with something that has the scent

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