How do i keep my 7 month old puppy from chewing everything but his toys and going potty in the house?

I have a 7 month old mastiff/border collie mix and he keeps chewing on everything he sees mostly cords and he poops and pees in my sons bed. I have scrubbed the bed and washed the sheets everyday and nothing is helping. When I see him chewing on something I tell him no and give him his own toy. That’s not…

buy i pin and putt it out there
and they can not get out
they work real good for young pups
so go buy that pin

Is your son’s room the only place the dog goes potty. If so then the dog is stating that he own your son and that he is above your son in pack order. Make sure to teach the dog that your son is high then him in pack order. Such as make sure you son can have the dog sit or lay at command or have your son act like he eating the dogs food before you give the food to dog. For chewing on things I would suggest bitter apple or hot sauce. I normal remove the dog from area and give him/her on of her own toys. Try getting a Kong or a bone with a cleaned out center put peanut butter in the center and freeze it for about two hours, then give it two your dog. This will keep him busy trying to get the peanut butter out for at least an hour.

I found the best way to potty train a puppy is by using a crate. Dogs instinctively do not potty where they sleep. They also instinctively “den” or find a small den like area to sleep in. He sleeps in his crate at night until he is totally potty trained. We use the crate at night, when we leave the house, and when I can’t watch him, such as when I am vacuuming or cleaning. We have had 4 dogs in our home and 3 of the four were crate trained. It has kept me from my wits end! I have started an article to put on my website about crate/kennel training. I will try to finish it tonight or tomarrow. My website is

in pet stores they sell come spray that is not harmful to dogs but it keeps them from chewing on stuff….maybe you can try that, for the pop problem u need to look into potty training him some more, u have to be extremely patient and if u see him in the position to start pick him up and take him to the desired place and then wait, when he starts say “go poop” or whatever your command is, right after his done (make shure he is) give him a treat. good luck!

spank him wiht a newspaper (showing him what he has done, he wil understand) and then show him what he can chew.
teh same when he pees where he’s not supposed to.
poppies r like kids: they need to be spanked once in awhile!
that’s how i did with my puppy and now he’s well trained and obbidient. he never peed or pooped in the house anymore since he learned.
it takes some time but it works.

ps. im not abusive with my dog: that’s what our vet said and it worked out perfectly!

puppy training its the best thing or just keep up on right after he eats or drinks take him out to teach him that he needs to after then get a doggy door. and the bed thing…. if u have the dog sleep in it he will stop dogs do not pee or poop where they sleep

try puppy pads or newspaper for him to pooh on. When you are not able to watch him keep him locked in the garage or a crate or keep the kids door closed.

Bitter Apple.

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