How do i tell my “best friend” i dont want to be her friend anymore?

Okay, So me and her have become super close, or so i thought. She was really nice to me, she would laugh at everything i laugh at. And people thought me and her were perfect for each other.
I would tell her all of my secrets and she would tell me “all” of hers.
She would say,
oh no i am not that type…

okay so this may sound harsh but you need to tell her the truth. tell her you don’t want to hang around a person who does stuff like that, especially if you’re in middle school. i’m sorry but that’s insane. you might want her to have a reality check because i wouldn’t want to be friends with her either and i’m sure most girls would agree. if you don’t get out now, she probably will get worst and have a negative impact on you.
just say “my mom doesn’t want me hanging out with you”. just blame it on your mom hahah
hope this helped and good luck(:

WOW! that’s a BIG mess (not to point out the obvious..) but I think I can help you. First YES you are making the right choice. I would probably do the same thing too. Well first ask at least one more friend to be with you when you tell her. And then just spill every thing out to the friend that has been doing those things. Tell her that you still think that she’s nice and all but you can’t be around someone who would do those things. If she says that she didn’t then tell her you have proof. What has the world come too? Middle schoolers doing those things. I am in 8th and I have never done any of that. BE BRAVE!

Hey, i cant really tell you how to tell her but i can give you advice! If she is your only good friend it doesnt have to end, Try to spend more time away from her, instead of just coming out and saying it just try to slowly pull away after a while you feel secure on the path you want to be. The pressure to do things like that is already hard enought without people always pushing you or talking about it!! I think it is a good idea to hold back tho! Obviously you dont want to do any of these things so you should wait until you are ready. Hope everything goes ok for you!!

I had a “best friend” that was similar. Well she never sent nasty pictures or anything like that but she had a different bf almost every day. I told her I didn’t approve and that kinda ended our relationship. So my advise would be to tell her what you feel and say that you don’t want to be her friend any more. She may totally understand or flip out but that isn’t for you to worry about. She was making you uncomfortable and you don’t need a friend like that.

You have NOO idea what drugs can do to your life. Believe me pleaseee! Anyways, yes I think your making the right choice. Who wants to be friends with a hoe. Plus, she is a really bad influence and ya’ll are tooo young fo’ that.

if you ask me my opinion is not to ditch her instantly.
little by little you just have the contact reduced between you too by not meeting her frequently,not hanging out with her,not having any heart to heart conversation with her.
and then she’l get tired of you and will leave you.
then in that way there will be no flash between you too.and you wont be hurting her feelings tooo(once friend na).

ok so heres the thing. what u have to do is just come straight out and tell her whats wrong. if i was u, i would stop being her friend because of that stuff, but be sure to tell her what she did wrong before u tell her u dont want to be friends anymore


Ditch her. She’ll probably pressure you into that life too if she knows you know how she is.

go eat at chipotle. get a burrito bowl with chicken and extra guac.

Tell her how you feel, and leave it at that.

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