How do i tell my best friend im gay?

Im tired of acting straight in front of him and i want to tell him that im gay.NOw ive known him for about most of my life and im really good friends with his family its sortof my home away from home.What do i do in telling him and he will tell his family.Theyre not really homophobic they accept us but i just want…

If you really don’t want to beat around the bush about it, then just flat out say you are gay. There’s nothing really more to say, it gets the job done.

sounds like you have an ideal situation to come out. A long time best friend who has a family that is not homophobic and perhaps even supportive.

It’s a tough thing to do coming out, but, you have no idea the tremendous amount of freedom, relief, and stress release it will do for you.

I think you need to tell your best friend and even his fam. You need a support system, and it sounds like you have one at the ready.

I understand you dont want your friend to treat you different, and that was my big worry too. and when you do first come out, there will be a period of awkwardness because he now knows, and you know he knows. It’s a little weird at first. But, if you guys are good enough friends, you just talk thru it over a period of time and then move on.

Have trust in your relationship with your best friend. have trust in your relationship with his family. I found that those bonds are a lot stronger than we sometimes think.

if i can ever offer advice, email or IM me! good luck!

Tell him the same way you have told your other friends and family members.
If he is a ‘true’ friend he will accept you for the person you really are. If he doesn’t remember there is more than one (1) fish in the ocean who will accept you.

Am I missing something here? What is the reason why you have to tell him that you are gay?

If you think telling him is going to change your friendship in any way than better, why would you want to do this?

If you decide to go ahead with it, I hope you’ve done your homework to accurately gauge what his response will be.

If he starts treating you differently after you tell him, if he turns out to be homophobic, then why would you need his friendship? Homophobes should not have any friends.

Just come out and say it. If he is your best friend, then he needs to know, and I’m sure would want to know. And, if he is your best friend, then he shouldn’t treat you any different at all.

You can’t do anything about how your friend might treat you, just tell him and get it over with. If he’s as good a friend as you say, he’ll adjust.

Hey if you want to tell him just tell him you need to talk and its important and then talk to him alone and ask him not to treat you any different and tell him. IF he is really you bestfriend then he will support you.

you should tell him beacause he’s your friend and if he dosent acept you for how you are then he is not your friend.

just tell him that you’re gay, and you hope it won’t change anything about your friendship.

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