I really need help staying organized and keeping my school work together?

I’m a rising freshman and i have a lot of trouble staying organized. What are good methods of keeping stuff together and not losing everything in my first week?

What I would do is get a binder, maybe a two inch or bigger binder. Buy a set of dividers(with our without the pockets) for your binder. Make sure you can have one for each different class and a few extras, just in case. You also need to buy a pencil case and while you are at it, buy some pencils, pens, highlighters ect. Last but not least, buy like 4 packs of notebook paper! Also if your school gives out agendas or has some available for you to purchase, buy one! They are life savors when it comes to school work! If you don’t have enough money to buy an agenda, then at least buy a small notebook or just use a regular journal to use it as an agenda for school.

Now that you have all of your supplies you need to put it all together. Take out your binder and put in all the dividers that you need. Be sure to put in a few extras to put your homework assignments in or important papers that need to be signed ect. Now you need to label your dividers. This will keep all of your papers organized by class. You will never lose your papers again, as long as you put all the papers for each class in their designated divider! Now put your notebook paper either on top of all your dividers or behind them. This way your notebook paper is always with you! Now get your agenda, put in your binder on top of everything so you will always see it first, this way you will remember to use it when you open your binder for class. Now put your pencil case in your binder on top of your agenda, fill it with all of your stuff you need, and you are ready to go! Now you will have everything you need all in your binder! You will never lose any papers again as long as you use it! Using your agenda is also a key thing in keeping organized. You can write down all the homework for each of your classes, when projects are due ect. This way in the evenings you can always look at your agenda and you will have a list of all the things that are due the next day. This is also nice so you don’t have to remember all of your homework assignments ect., it will all be in your agenda and you will never forget a homework assignment or test again! I hope this helps you out and will help you be prepared for a new year of school! Good luck and have fun!

I just finished freshman year of high school, and don’t worry, it is not as bad as you think it might be! What I did this year was i had about 5 1 inch binders w/ loose leaf paper for my core classes, and whatever special supplies i needed for my other classes. If I did it over again, i would still get the binders, but instead of the loose leaf, use like 120 sheet notebooks.
Also, when you clean out your binders, keep ALL the important papers, you might need them to study for finals! This was the first year i had finals and honestly i was horrifyed and sooo scared for them. But i did fine (all a’s actually) because I kept all my papers

seperate binders for each thing. hollow-punch each and every thing. Have dividers.. each and every financial ruin gets a diverse area on your binder. Have an schedule.. use it. Get a backpack with sections for pens and stuff… so in case you forget approximately your pencil case you have spares. Do all homework and assignments on time.. dont placed them off because of the fact in grade 9 instructors would be happy to look over tough copies and such and supply you recommendations (so supply your self time to try this) I omit grade 9. And dont somewhat rigidity too plenty. college and Uni do no longer even seem at grade 9 lol its quite plenty basically to strengthen working conduct. stable success 🙂

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