If illegal immigrants from Mexico love Mexico so much, why don’t they stay there?

I don’t have a problem with people who immigrate to the U.S. to secure for themselves the American way of life. I do have a problem with people who come to the U.S. to be Mexican (or whatever country they are from) instead of an American.

So again, I don’t understand why people come live in the U.S….

I have a hard time blaming them for coming here. If you think it can be hard to make ends meet here in the US, its much more difficult in Mexico.

Where I get angry is when some of them (and indeed it is only some) feel that they have a RIGHT to ignore our laws. It irritates me when some feel they have a RIGHT to impose their culture on ours, or when they feel they are ENTITLED to have us make legal, cultural and economic accomidations for them.

They don’t. We have every right to enforce our own laws, and they in fact, have no right to dispute them. We need to help Mexico as best we can, so that its people won’t be so poor, but at the same time, we need to get the illegals out!

Because they steal our money to send home to their families in Mexico, and our laws are set up to help them stay here and have free medical care, wic, food stamps, education, etc. Last year illegal immigrants from Mexico sent back $2 million dollars worth of revenue. Why do you think that the Mexican government has such a problem with America placing a fence across the borders and beefing up security with troops? They will loose a lot of money when we finally wake up and stop letting illegals into our country and allowing them to RAPE our system. As for everyone that will say that I am out of line and racist against Latinos, I think we should have a fence on BOTH sides of the border (i.e. Canada/America), not just across Mexico/America, and I have no problem with someone who is going about everything legally, and learning English. When I travel, I always learn the language of the country that I am visiting, and I make sure to understand the culture and customs that are indigenous to the region.

They love their country (Mexico) and they are in abject poverty.

Instead of improving their own lot, they come here to exploit the resources of the US.

We are dolts.

Desperate people do desperate things. Mexican or not. They need money to support their families. Good Luck! 🙂

totaly understand…. if they what to be in America then learn English and BE American…

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