If my car is under SORN can i park it outside my house?

yes providing it IS NOT ON THE STREET…JG is correct… any car that is parked on a street/road/car park that is upkept by the local council MUST be fully legal…have a thumbs up from me JG.

it remains a public place, consequently the vehicle will nevertheless could be taxed and insured. additionally, parking on the grass verge may well be classed as unlawful parking, so which you would be able to desire to be ticketed for unlawful parking besides as for no tax and no assurance. If the vehicle is SORN it may well be on inner maximum assets, the place the conventional public would not frequently have get right of entry to.

not if outside your house is a public road. It must be off the road, such as on a driveway, in a garage or on private land.


(ANS) No.1 If your car is under SORN YES! 100% certain you definitely can park it outside your house on the road.

No.2 If your car is parked on the road outside your house & does NOT display a SORN it will be ticked by the authorities or police. And you will certainly be fined for non payment of your road tax disk. i.e. it is a traffic offense now to not have a valid tax disk (amazing I know but this is true).

No.3 Provided you have a SORN form completed (registered) and a SORN showing in the cars window screen you have little to be worried about. You can register for a SORN via the internet and the official road tax disk website.

No.4 Provided you have a SORN it is 100% irrelevant if its parked on the road or in a drive or inside a garage. Once you have a SORN its covered and that’s all that matters here from a legal stand point.

Kind Regards Ivan

only if its on your own land, you cannot park it on the public road

Only if you have a driveway or front garden to park it in.

So long as it’s not touching the pavement or road, that’s fine.

It must not be on the public highway, which includes the verge and footpath. Thumbs up from me too, JG.

Yes, as long as it is on your property and not in the road.

Not unless you have a drive to park it off the road

Not on a road, no – hence Statutory OFF ROAD Notification.

Thumbs down? What’s that for then?

Cheers camel!

Ivan is completely & utterly wrong!
A SORN vehicle MUST NOT be kept on a road or in a public place;

And there’s no such thing as a ‘SORN’ to stick in your window, you pillock.

Tanks, Bardic.

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