I’m doing a debate on gay marriage, can you give me some cross-examination questions?

Im doing a debate on gay marriage and I’m the affirmative side. I need some cross-examination questions for this debate to ask the side against making gay marriage legal.

Given that homosexuality is at least part genetic and therefore part of what a homosexual is, how is denying gay marriage not the same as denying interracial marriage? (Your backup to this will be that laws against interracial marriage were all overturned in 1967 in the case of Loving v. Virginia).

Ask why one’s sexuality is reason to deny a citizen of the United States the 1,100 separate rights guaranteed by that little marriage certificate.

Ask if one religion’s view of the immorality of an act is cause enough to penalize it in a secular nation.

Ask when, in the history of the United States, the civil rights of a minority group have been put to majority vote.

Ask if they believe it is the responsibility of government to regulate the sexual lives of citizens.

Ask, if the traditional view of marriage is so important, if they object to the feminist changes made in the mid-20th century by Gloria Steinem and other activists, and if those changes should be rescinded in order to preserve the traditional sale of a woman, for that is what marriage was up until sixty years ago or so.

I sure wish I had your opportunity. People on Yahoo just stop messaging me when they can’t answer my questions. I would love the chance to humiliate those bigots by showing just how baseless their arguments are.

here a idea if gays cant marry then ban straight marriage that would be a wake up call for america. protection of marriage my *** 1 of every 2 marriages ends in divorce.

– It doesn’t harm anyone else

– homosexuality is a sexuality just like heterosexuality… it’s just like one person likes blue and another likes pink; why should one group get marriage rights and the other don’t?

– did you know interracial marriages use to be illegal?? using religion justification is never the right way to go.

it does not affect anyone that opposes in any way or manner, so they need to mind their own business. And they should not use their religion as an excuse because of separation of state and church.

“What legal justification do you have for denying citizens the equal rights guaranteed to them by the 14th Amendment of the Constitution?”

There is no legal justification for it, so no matter what they respond with, you can say, “That isn’t legal justification.”

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