Married man with pregnant wife stares at me?

I work for a large company and there is a coworker(who is quite high up) who stares at we when he walks past or when he is standing around by my department. And by stare i mean literally stares at me even when a lot of other people are around including the main manager.

He is married and has a pregnant wife so…

Walk up to him, and ask him before his colleagues and his manager why he is staring at you everyday and that you feel he is being rude. Which he is.

He will stop it.

And don’t think about why he does it. Some people are weird.

He gained’t also be checking you out , he may in basic terms be glancing and also you’re mistaking it for him staring at you, or you should remind him of someone he knows. next time he stares at you, in basic terms in basic terms ask “Is there something you needed me to do?” yet do not immediately take it as him hitting on you, I stare at human beings and the humorous element is, i’m in basic terms wondering deeply in my head. no longer even wondering about the guy i’m staring at.

There could be different reasons for this…
Perhaps he wants to sleep with you and keeps checking you out.
Perhaps he is admiring you… and doesn’t know how do hide it.
Or he is just creepy… ask him why?

“I noticed you looking at me… did you want something?”
Good luck.

If you are attractive, then maybe he just finds looking at you more enjoyable than looking at the photocopier.

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