My dog eats dirt? Help!?

Every time my dog goes outside (except for walks) she will chew a tennis ball and then eat dirt. It doesn’t make her sick. No matter how hard i try to pull her, distract her she won’t do it. I have tried her two things she loves the most (besides me) treats and balls. Balls work but right after i am done playing…

Dirt is great for the dog and full of friendly bacteria for your dog’s gut. Plus, it’s dirt cheap compared to the price of dog food.

Dogs typically eat dirt when they’re missing something from their diet (minerals) or they’re trying to “adjust” the bacteria in their system. It can also be OCD problem in rare cases.
Make sure you’re using a good quality dog food, give the dog a little plain yogurt (teaspoon or tablespoon depending on the size of the dog) every day for a week or two, then reduce it to to every other day for a week and finally once a week going forward. This should stop the dirt eating.

All breeds of dogs have ‘habit’s or ways that seem weird to us. Eg certain terriers rub in dead carcasses to get rid of their scent for hunting during some times of the year. Some dogs eat grass to make themselves sick as it helps their stomach feel better. I’m afraid there is probably only two reasons your dog eats dirt constantly. Firstly he might have a deficiency in something ie some mineral in the earth he’s chomping on or the other reason could be he’s a little’ tapped’. I’m not insulting your dog at all. I have two ‘tapped’ dogs. They’re always doing odd things that don’t make any sense. It’s all down to training them not to do it I’m afraid. Discipline him/her when she does it and remember to praise him/her for coming away from it. The dog will soon learn to keep away from the eating the stuff but it will take time and effort on your part. Remember, ‘bad dog!’ and pull them away from the dirt, then ‘good boy’ and a pat of approval for coming away. Might take a gazillion times but don’t give in. It worked for me. Hope this helps

dog eats dirt

Maybe you should give her some dog food from the cans and give her a bowl of dog biscuits and it might keep her of eating dirt.

Usually, it indicates some problem with digestion, or, worms! May call for treatment!

My GSD does the same thing I asked the Vet and they said it was ok could be eating poop instead.

Well if it doesn’t make her sick then it doesn’t really matter. As long as she doesn’t get injured because of it, then I don’t see anything wrong with it.

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