Name change …. UK ….?

How can i Change My name and surname … To any name i want ? Is it possible ?

Of course you can. As long as it’s not for fraudulent purposes.

Providing you are 18 or over, you can change your name by deed poll at a solicitors. You will probably find most solicitirs provide this service, but ring around first…..its quite a simple process…but there is a fee, again, this depends on the solicitor, but can be up to £100, possibly more.

Yes you can. You can change your name by Deed Poll. You will have to go to a solicitor and get the necessary forms. As other interested parties will also have to be informed of the change of name, your bank for example, in fact any organisation you are currently doing business with. You can change it to anything you want. I’ve seen some pretty daft name changes.

See a solicitor & take your start certificates with you. It would not take very long & isn’t as costly as you think of – somebody I knew replaced her call some years in the past & it purely took some weeks; it value approximately £20, yet that could desire to be outdated with the aid of now, as I suggested, it develop right into some years in the past. i don’t think of you pick a definite reason at the back of changing it, your not liking it (as in my pal’s case) is sufficient.

You can change it by common usage but the quickest & easiest way is by deed poll. You can get it changed with a solicitor but it’s cheaper to do it yourself. I have used this website, it’s recognised by the banks & passport people so no worries on that score. There are certain restrictions as to what you can change your name to & you can see them here.…


I don’t think you can. I asked my mum the other day and she said no that i can’t. cuz liike it’s like i’m a criminal or thief to change them, but It’s not the case.
but like if your a celibritie you can have your name that everyone will call you with (without knowing your proper name) but.. “wikipedia’s there” :L

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