Poll: what are (your) thoughts about nudist campgrounds/beaches, etc…also, how many of you (want) to try it?

Me and my fiance are nudists…we love going to the campground.
NOTHING goes on there sexually…just the same activities that you would see at any other campground.
at first, we were concerned there would be perversion going on…but there was nothing.

i’m just wondering what the general public thinks…

I have friends who do that, but I don’t think I could.

And anyway, if God had meant for us to go naked, we’d have been born that way!

Oh, it’s wonderful! The wind slapping you on the front and back. One time, my partner had a diarrhea, the wind just blow the dripping diarrhea away from his thigh and legs. He didn’t even need to use toilet paper. Oh yeah, being a nudist is a blessing. La la la la la.

Many of us in the “general public” are nudists and have discovered it to be as you describe. Others are mostly ignorant or misinformed.

It’s on my bucket list; I seldom wear anything at home, but I have yet to venture to one of the resorts or beaches.

I agree with you — been doing it for a long time.

To each their own but I’m not interested.

Well if they want it, what can I say? I wouldn’t try it though.

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