Poll what do people do if they dont play video games watch TV or listen to music?

Im in high school and most people dont watch tv dont really play video games and some dont like music and some dont do all or even read books 3. I mean what is their to do sit in a corner and stare at a wall i know the just hang out with friends but what do they talk about. Do all they do is party and get high

WELL? we use to read books? and magazines. or take long walks and observe life all around us. look at the trees and their big leaves and the things growing on them. or if its night watch the stars twinkle or if you have a telescope look at the moon? or the planets. or just lay down on the roof and watch the moon rise and fall in the sky

Love ’em all different than the 1st one. i do no longer watch television, specially because of the fact which you’re able to desire to pay to get respectable television channels here or purchase an costly decoder, because of the actual fact there are basically 4 or 5 loose to air ones in this usa which you would be able to %. up with a known aerial.

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