Ramadan: What conspiracy theories do you believe in?

I believe that Zionists and Rothschild (illuminati) have strategically caused every single last war since the crusades and are working towards a common goal, by destroying the Al-Aqsa and raising the temple of prohpet Solomon (A.S) and establishing the land of Zion stretching from Egypt to Iran.

Now I’m…

I believe Freemasons exist.. but some people are taking this concept *too* far.
By saying that many celebrities i.e. Britney, Rihanna even Ahmedinejad are all undercover Freemasons. Now, I don’t know about the Ahmedinejad part.. perhaps certain celebrities are influenced by Freemasons unknowingly.. but I don’t believe they *are* Freemasons. There is no evidence for this and it’s dangerous to assume things.

I think the Freemasons are those people who will fight on the side of the Dajjal near the End Times. I do believe Freemasons had something to do with 9/11.. also this whole “Taliban” thing is kinda fishy, and God knows what’s going on in Afghanistan. One thing for sure though is that the public are being lied to.

Edit: Salam, I know about Madonna, I do think she has links with Freemasonry & Kabbalah because she has even admitted this.. but the symbols and signs you see in cartoons & pop culture don’t *always* signify that a Freemason is behind it. Now that Freemasons are becoming a whole lot more popular, that eye symbol is being used in adverts, etc. just for the hell of it.. to provoke a reaction. So maybe sometimes it may be true, but not always.. anyway that’s what I think lol 🙂

It is known that Cecil Rhodes teamed up up with the Rothschild Bank to sponsor scholarships to intelligent young men attending Harvard and Oxford. It is supposed that these students were indoctrinated in the elements of a New world order. However, there seems to be a connection with the New World order and Freemasons. Many Great western leaders attended Oxford and were Freemasons.
I cannot say that every major war was started by the Rothschilds but they were financed by them. Even while the US was at war with Hitler, American Banks were financing the German war machine.
I can’t say that the Rothschild banking system is a Zionist organization; it’s simply an independent, private Jewish establishment.
Experts think that the New world order is a worldwide movement including Muslims in high places. Bin Ladin may well be playing a big role in the plan. Other violent fanatic Islamic groups are playing right into the arms of a New World Order; the more disturbances in the world is the more it takes a foothold.

But there is another conspiracy that is often ignored. It’s called Islam. The aim of Islam is to conquer the world and make everyone Muslim; recently we have seen Islamic gains in many European countries and even the US. If this continues, there may will be a 3rd world war between the New world Order group and Muslims who will be supported by Russia and China. This may well be the mother or all wars and Religious preachers envision that the Gulf of Arabia will turn red with human blood and the Black Sea will be filled to the brim with the dead.
Heaven help us all.

Here is an interesting web page discussing the involvement in world affairs by the Rothchilds and the Illuminati…http://www.whale.to/b/knox.html
Some New Age Historians think the Rothschilds are only involved to make money and the main culprit are the Freemasons. It’s your pick.
So why the thumbs down?
I am only relating what expert conspiratory theorists say. Personally, I do not believe a New world Order will control the world. God won’t allow it.

Im mad at the illuminati for targeting muslims because I am one but i believe all the theories related to them, (9/11 and the UPCOMING 2012)

watch illuminated by farhank501 in youtube

Most conspiracy theories are labeled so by the very conspirators it sets out to expose. Some of course are the product of loony tunes 🙂


it was an inside job

so now muslims are hated .
but i seriously dnt care cause i strive everyday for allah [swt] not anyone else.

The book you recommended seems interesting. I’ll read it.

I believe what I see in My own eyes ~~

nine eleven

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