Sex question females only please?

I had sex for the first time on Nov 29th.. 3 days later i started getting a weird brown discharge which has lasted the last week and a half and is still continuing. I was due to get my period today but now it is just still weird discharge.

I am worried that A) i am pregnant or B) there is another problem going…

You should only have sex if you are ready to face any consequences that comes with it. Unfortunately, I had sex before marriage, (although with the guy I am married to). I lost my virginity to him when I was 17 towards the end of junior year. (I was with him since the summer before freshman year.) We thought we were “ready” and he probably was being older and then I started freaking out all the time about being pregnant. So he respected that, and wanted what was best so we stopped until I was ready to face anything that came with it. We didn’t start back up until I was 21 and we were engaged. And now 3 years later, I am very happy for the outcome.

You probably aren’t pregnant as that is normal. Save yourself some worry though and take a test.

I have totally been there! And it’s best just to take a test and get the worry out of the way. It can drive you crazy!!

Not really, sounds like your body is adjusting to the pills. When I first started mine, I bled on and off for six weeks. The pills are not effective until you have been on them for a month. I assume you used a back up method of birth control. Since you have started having sex, I am sure the doc told you to use a condom also. To protect against STD’s. Also, there are diseases you can get without actual penetration-just skin to skin contact. If you are that worried, wait a few more days and go get a home test. Use a back up until your pills are working.

If you’re worried, take a test, but I don’t think you’re pregnant. I started taking birth control a few months ago, and started to get spotting about two weeks after starting, but then it didn’t stop. If it doesn’t stop after 8 days, you should go to your doctor and probably change the kind of birth control you’re using.

And, for the first answerer:
“If you start taking the pill within five days of the start of your period, pill protection begins immediately. If you start taking it at any other time during your menstrual cycle, pill protection begins one week later.”


I’m sorry, I wish I knew what was going on here. I think you’re supposed to take birth control for at least a month before you have sex…. you had other protection, right?

I think I had a little of what you described a day or two after my first time, and from time to time afterwards for the first few times. Maybe you should try buying an at-home pregnancy kit, just to rule that out.

If you rule it out & it’s still happening, definitely talk to your doctor about it.

I don’t think that implantation bleeding lasts that long, so you may want to either see your doctor, or wait it out a few weeks and try an EPT test.

i used to get a brown discharge at the end of my period. i dont know what it is, but i dont think you are pregnant

take a home preggie test. hope this helps. and best of luck

Yes. I “Relieve” myself alot due to the fact I need it often

please say its not the birth control pill as that takes up to a month to protect you

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