Should soccer change its OT/Extra Time rules?

I think they should. I know what you’re thinking. If Japan scored first in extra and the US ended up winning, I wouldn’t be saying this. But it’s true. There should be a rule change. There should be a golden goal. Penalties are for when…..penalties happen.

Yeah. I think what they should do is play the two 15 min overtimes, but instead of PK’s, play sudden death then. Much more logical because it really determines the better team. (ahem, not japan!)

Football, that’s what it is called, has more fans than any other sport in the world. The only rule change needed is video replays for the referees to stop the constant diving. Why do you say it’s a girly sport. In your football they put on ridiculous amounts of padding just to play rugby, then stop for a rest every five seconds. That sounds quite girly to me. EDIT: |▒▒Kebert Xela▒▒, the person who asked the question has asked very similar questions before and I am tired of answering them. I don’t mind what peopple call it, I was just annoyed at his idiocy. He came onto the football section to ask football supporters why football is a bad game, he is clearly trying to wind people up and i reacted to it. I probably shouldn’t have, but I really don’t care.

Ten minute periods and the first who scores…wins in Semi’s, 3rd Place and Championship. I would make some other changes, though…First Stage, PK’s after 90 minutes (no draws), three points outright win and one point for PK win / QF (and Round of 16), as it is now / Semi’s, Championship, Third Place – 10 minute periods, golden goal.

Nobody likes the golden goal. I wanted USA to win too but golden goal is just boring. At least penalties give us thrill.

Well if that’s true then the USA would of never made it to the finals. Brazil would of beaten them on Golden goal

Your opinion. But that is the rule, which has already been changed because people did not like golden goal (first scorer rule).

Shut up the Golden Rule is stupid and Hope wouldnt like the that rule

uh uh. And what will you say when the game stretches over 3 hours long. You put ur chances away or suffer whatever arbitrary results come from the PK and it is arbitrary.

nope that rule was for the past and dark ages live with the damn present & reality

Stop the whining. Take defeat with grace.

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