Should transgendered and transsexual prisoners be sent to male or female prisons?

Given the overcrowding and limited budget that prisons have and given the fact that the formation of a trans or GLBT prison is probably not going to happen,

Should transgendered and transsexual prisoners be sent to the prison of their trans identity (for instance, a MTF would be sent to a female prison; a FTM…

Since you asked about two very different types of people I will give you credit for asking the same question asked hundreds of times slightly differently.

A transgender is usually a male but some women do crossdress as well. They would be incarcerated at a gender correct facility by legal description

A transsexual man or woman would again be sent to the gender correct facility depending upon their being pre or post operative. This changes their legal status in most jurisdictions.

Overcrowding seems not to make much difference in this world!

I think they just should be asked after they’re sentenced, and sent wherever they want to go, male or female prison, regardless of pre- or post-op status (and for FTMs, what counts as post-op anyway?).

Sexual assault can happen in male or female prisons, and in male prisons often happens regardless of whether a person is trans or not… men locked away for life will often rape other men even though they’re straight, afaik.

i think of a girl penal complex, through fact she/he looks female adequate to bypass for a girl no less than, so i think of that if she became into sent to a male penal complex she’d be eaten alive!

Definetly in the gender that they identify with.

Eg MtFs in womens and FtM in Males

if post op, they should go to the prison of their trans-identity.
if pre-op, they should go to the prison of their bio-sex, and just be seperated from the other prisoners, that’s what they usually do anyways.

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