The Human Abstract, what is your opinion of this band?

This band has recently caught my attention. I have been listening to them a lot. I have also noticed that Progressive Metal and Metalcore is a pretty decent combination for a metal band, which is one of the reasons I am starting a Progressive/Metalcore band. Anyway,…

I like it.

I’m going to be a broken record but yeah too many bands have that vocal style. I’ll check more into ’em though. thanks.

These guys are tight, I’m digging this genre. It’s nice to see they’re are more bands out there like Between The Buried and Me and Into The Moat.

Very good. I’m not a big fan of Prog. Metal or Metalcore, but this is pretty darn good.

Kinda makes me think of Unearth.

Musically good…. vocally…stock pseudo death/core growl…. if these bands would even remotely try something different with the vocals I would be more impressed.

Kinda a shame, cause, like I said….. the Music was quite good.

There alright. I listened to a few songs and got tired of them though. They have talent but not something I can listen to for long periods of time.

Absolutely love the guitar!

I like them alot but the vocals are kind of boring, same with BTBAM

Guitarist is amazing. love “crossing the rubicon”

This band is legit. I really like them.

amazing band
they’re kindof different from other prog metal bands
that’s why I like them

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