Twin Turbo Mustang GT Help?

Looking into buy a mustang gt. I would like to put in twin turbos. I guess my big concern would be the bad effects it could have on my oil pump and engine seals and what not. It would be cool if someone could provide me a list of everything or close to everything that i would have to do to the motor so that the…

there are better, less expensive, less hassle more horsepower easier tune up ways to go than a twin turbo, instead of just throwing twin turbo out there like you know what you are talking about, go over to the rousch mustang website and look at the kits they have, this will give you the longevity you will not get doing it your way (twin turbo) the rousch kits are made for mustangs specifically and are designed by engineers to do what you want stick you hard in the seat, and do it consistently, durably and time after time and the engine stays in one piece, The more parts you have the more chances there are for things to go wrong. You want the best Rousch racing is the top of the line, so do it right and do it once ok? thanks.type it in your web search box, and have fun.

Well…I have owned several turbo’d cars…and it doesn’t take much to make a lot! By gt I am guessing it will be a 4.6? Or 5.0? Either way, if you plan on twin turbo you can make life easier by doing a single blower on it. Way cheaper and for the amount of boost you most likely will be using a single turbo is way more cost effective. You will need more fab work tho…interesting enough I made a diy turbo kit on a Toyota once. Went to a junk yard, bought a turbo from a eagle talon for junk price, took the side mount intercooler bov piping, fuel pump, injectors…etc. Had maybe 50 bucks in it. I ran 6 lbs of boost an did nothing to the engine at all. Most non turbo motors can handle between 4-6 lbs of boost…6 lbs on a stang will be a very quick ride and can happen real cheap!

the suitable so a thoughts as capability is going is the dual speedier setup by a longshot. the in undemanding words undesirable component with that is your inventory pistons may not be in a position of carry up antagonistic to that. your different determination is the supercharger. in case you went with 10psi as a max, you should properly stay with that for a at the same time as. so a thoughts as 60 ft cases, i comprehend the turbos will outrun the supercharger. The turbos theses days dont have a lot lag even with the undeniable fact that the supercharger nevertheless runs off a belt robbing capability. The supercharger will be your most inexpensive and suitable determination

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