What do you make of Adolf Hiter?

And Germany in WW2? now they’re the richest country in Europe unfortunately

I think he was brilliant. Even though he did absolutely horrible things.
He had great leadership skills and I’d assume he was charismatic and knew how to make people want to listen to him. It’s crazy to think that one man possessed so much power within himself to do what he did.
I’m not at all saying he was a good person. If you consider how much of a set back in general life and just everything in the world he made; Think about how much more progressed the world would be by now if he used he strong qualities for something good. I hope nothing like this comes again.

What do you mean “unfortunately”?

Don’t forget that’s it’s NOT the country that started World War II but a crazy leader who had enough skills to convince a nation that there should only be ONE pure race.

Uhh… I… don’t… like him?

I must admit, though, the Germans were (and still are) geniuses at weapons technology. The V-1 rocket, the MP-40, the MG-42…

Mustache man

Hmm. I guess Adolf was not a very nice guy. Nope, not one bit.

Good for them

I don’t like what he did, but I love his mustache. I would grow one but there are too many jews at my school…..


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