What makes people stupid enough to vote for McCain or Obama?

These guys are both douche-bags yet everyone seems not to care, or people just buy the crap that FOX and CNN feed them.

If you vote for either of these two clowns then feel free to declare yourself a danger to modern society and even your own families.

How can people be so happy that their ONLY TWO CHOICES…

I think I love you.
Excellent “rant”, couldn’t have said it better myself.
I was beginning to think I was missing something, or something. Both these Bozo’s are an insult to America. I liked the way, in the beginning of this whole BS artist competition, they both had NO friggin “plan”, or “strategy”, or “idea” on how they would, or could, do anything to curb the influx of blatant lies, corruption, total disregard for the rights “guaranteed” by our Constitution, to the people, the complete chaos in the economy, and the breakdown of government.
What happened to “qualified” candidates, like ones with a college degree, or with b*lls, to say f*ck everyone else, my country needs help.
BTW I didn’t vote last time, and I’m not votin’ this time, so don’t blame me.
And, those that think voting is so “great” look what it got us, actually, it taught America that stealing is “good”, and “lying” is ok, and big oil owns America, and you.

Because people went out and voted in the primaries. More republicans voted for McCain than any other candidate. Democrats voted for Obama more than any other candidate. Majority rules in politics. This is why it’s important to get out in vote in every election. Also, Nader is running as a third ‘tard choice, or you can write in someone else who you feel will do a better job.
I am “going to vote for these two ‘tards” because it is my responsibility and complaining about the choices, however few, is a cop out!

the only argument the Republicans can say is look at Obama… in actuality that Obama became an activist in a great city (bigger than the comprehensive state of AK via the way), coping with themes that many individuals can relate to. he’s been Senator for 4 years w/ get admission to to labeled suggestion and useful foreign places coverage and DC journey. The demographics of Alaska are nowhere close to that of the U. S. and he or she has no journey coping with the themes that are so needed. The Republicans could now abandon their basically case against Obama — loss of journey as a results of fact it will cause them to Hippocrates.

Let me use this analogy: If you do not like what is cooking in the kitchen then get in the kitchen yourself and cook.

If you feel that the american society needs better then why don’t you get involved in politics. It is easy to talk about others but it requires effort to present a valid alternative. Don’t talk about it take action by getting involved in politics yourself. Give people an option that you feel they want and / or need. Anyone can sit on the sidelines and complain.

I don’t think either are retarded, but I agree the choices aren’t the greatest. But it is still better than 2004 where you had to choose between a moron and a communist traitor.

We definitely need a third party. I wish T Boone Pickens or someone like that could get the support.

Somebody already said it, and he is extremely right.
He is voting for the LESSER of TWO EVILS.

I PERSONALLY do not fully support John McCain. But I am voting for him to STOP Barack Obama.

Obama Plans to raise the taxes extremely high on corporations that make >$250,000. I don’t think people realize that by voting for Barack Obama, they are putting their jobs at risk, for what will happen when those companies need to let people go because of the taxes.

What makes people stupid enough NOT to vote for them?
Voting is a PRIVELEGE. Not an oppurtunity. As Americans we get the awesome power to DECIDE who leads us. So you should probally look a little more into their campaign, then just what the tabloids say. Then decide which candidate, you would rather have.
Abortion or no abortion?
Gay marriage or no gay marriage?
Highering taxes to help welfare or highering taxes to help economy?
Obama or McCain?

All I can say is : Obama is a MURDERA for wanting 2 kill babies!
That is just wrong. & having sex before marriage is NOT okay.

MCain :: ehh he’s A BIT BETTER BUT he can do better. Though, I would vote for him than Obama becos he is a MURDERA!

Chances are, if you don’t vote : the fag clown Obama will become President & we do NOT want that.

Who the hell know’s what he will doo as President.

We shouldn’t allow a different color person, trying to become President. It just doesn’t sound right. No harsh sayings or anything But America should just stick to White Presidents.

The south and midwest are practically a different country compared to the east and west coast. They are soooo divided on the issues its not even funny. Theres definately a correlation between lack of education and being low income and supporting McCain.

I support Ron Paul, but honestly when I know only a Democrat or a Republican is going to get into office, I’d rather the Republican won.

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