~What will be the names of your future family~?

• Your first name is an uncommon unisex name (nothing like Avery, Riley, Taylor, etc.) Your middle name is ultra-feminine and consists of at least two different vowels. Your last name ends with -son (e.g., Larson).
• Your appearance & personality depends on the color of your eyes:
~ If you have blue eyes:…

• Severin Ophelia Karlsson – I go by Sevy or Rin
• I have green eyes.

• I marry Brandon Elijah Dormer. Hehe, I almost picked Gabriel, as he is pretty much a male version of myself but on further contemplation I think being with someone so similar to me would be a disaster ^_^

• Gabrielle Liv Dormer
• Vivienne Adrianna Dormer
• Maisie Jemima Dormer
{Belle, Enya, & May}*

Thanks for fixing the ending, home-skillet

*Yes, Enya as a nickname for Vivienne. BECAUSE I CAN. YOU LOVE ME.

Hadley Seraphina Eddison

Hazel Eyes:You’re an incredibly intelligent and scientific person, and for those reasons you’re one of the leading scientists in finding the cure for AIDS. With all your discoveries, you’ve made leaps and bounds towards fighting the disease. You have black shoulder length hair and wear the most chic black glasses, simple yet sophisticated, much like your wardrobe. You’ve given up on love because you figure that men would be intimidated by your success, but once you meet the ideal candidate, you turn into a little girl and start planning your wedding and naming your future children

Gabriel Isaac Watson

Finneaus Zander
Emerson Silas
Violet Gabirelle , Emmeline Harper & Adelaide Isobel
Milena Sophie & Vera Josephine

So… Haddie, Gabe, Finn, Emerson, Violet, Emmie, Addie, Lena & Vera

Blake Elisabeth Mason – I am a free spirited and vivacious woman who follows no trends. Intelligent and sharp witted, I can hold my own in any battle. I have a blonde pixie cut, a cute gamine face, and a slightly shocking wardrobe. Although I’ve preached, in my mod-fem way, that I need no man in my life, I meet The One, and all those thoughts go out the window. My dream is to have a brood of strong-willed girls,

Gabriel “Gabe” Isaac Watson
our family:
Rory Alexander
Cole Stephen
Emily Barbara, Anna Claire, Owen Daniel
Kerri Lauren and Gracie Briana

Lou Genevieve Carson
I have green eyes, and I meet and fall in love with Gabe Watson.

Atlas Zenobias Watson

Wilde Satchel Watson

Ada Beatrice Watson
Elliot Cable Watson
Irving Dashiel Watson

Anya Caroline Watson
Mischa Evalie Watson

Lou & Gabe have Atlas, Wilde, Ada, Elliot, Irving, Anya & Mischa.

Max Liliana Dawson
Brown eyes
Joshua Nicholas Portman
Sadie Emmaline
Jason Alaska
Edward Shalin

Margaret Susanna Mason with green eyes. Joshua Nicholas Portman, Amelia Sophia, John Dakota, and Oliver Charles.

• Dakota Aurelia Mason
~Hazel eyes
~ I meet Gabriel Isaac Watson

• Caspian Zachary Watson
• James Russell Watson {After Henry James}
• Emilia Charlotte
• Alice Evangeline
• Oscar Damian
• Lara Catherine
• Katrina Isobel

“Cass, Jamie, Mia, Alice, Ozzy, Lara, Ree”

Me: Brennan Amelia Watson.

My eyes are like a mood ring, they change colour depending on a whole bunch of factors, so I guess I’m a mix between the green and blue personalities. Free spirited but driven.

My love: I pick Gabriel.

Children: Kingsley Maxwell
Rowling Samuel
Imogen Lucy (female), Ashley Morgan (male), Emily Nora.
Anya Jessica and Nastia Charlotte

Carter Rose Pearson
Blue eyes
Joshua Nicholas Portman
Skye Isabella
Jackson Dallas
James Aubrey

Son: Mitchell Clifford Son: Drew Edward Daughter: Aubrey Kathryn Daughter: Camryn Joy

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