What’s the different between people in india being called “west indians” and “east Indians”?

I can tell you that I’m fascinate in traveling, I have been to many countries in this world including india. -I just curious when I’m on here why when someone wanted to mention the indians people? they have to call them. “my friend has got the east indian girlfriend.” or “How can I make…

Lol…this is a complicated one!
Well for starters I think when people make references to “East Indian” and “West Indian” they are actually referring to two different geographic locations in which people of South Asian decent inhabit.
West Indian usually refers to someone from the West Indies which is basically the Caribbean. East Indian generally refers to someone from the continental mainland..the Indian subcontinent. When the British settled in India they allowed Indians access to their colonies..this is particularly true in the “British West Indies” and East Africa.

The West Indies has a substancial Indian population in Trinidad and Tobago. There are also large Indian communities in Suriname and Guyana. While this is largely debated, many people believe that the West Indians originally came from parts of North India (Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh) and parts of Southwest India…I am still researching this one after many years….

Again, East Indian generally refers to anyone from the Indian Subcontinent. India is very diverse…..while I am not an expert at this…you can imagine there are thousands of ethnic and tribal groups. I believe Indians are mixture of indigenous….as well as many other groups. The Greeks, Persians, Arabs and Central Asians have all settled in that region. Pakistan lies at the border between Hindustan and Central Asia…just looking at the photos you can see the amazing diversity in Pakistan..

This is something that I could discuss forever..I wish I had all the answers I am learning myself..lol!

Lol…I totally understand =)
I do think there are plenty regional differences…but its harder to detect as an outsider. It just takes time to really learn and understand them. Again, thats why history and ancestry is so important…its alot easier to see how everything comes together when you understand those unique differences. Many Sikh Indians do have a distinct look. I also think I am pretty good at telling the difference between a Punjabi and Gujrati…but I dont want to kid myself..lol…..its not very cut and dry…

You know what man.

Pakistan is a never there in this world till 1947 so there is no history for pakistan,

Pakistan came into existence only by dividing India on the basis islamic terrorism.

India is the mother for pakistan, bangladesh, burma.

West Indians refer to the people from the West Indies/ Caribbean ie: Haitians, Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Bajans, etc… They are mostly of African descent whike some are mixed

East Indians refer to people from India and that region….

They are different people……….

some people consider west indians those who are natives to the west indies, or the carribean islands close to u.s.&cuba.
and others consider east indians those who are natives to india.

Unity in Diversity!

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