Which band would you most like to see reunited?

– “Van Halen” with David Lee Roth
– “Pink Floyd” with Roger Waters
– “Supertramp” with Roger Hudgson
– “Journey” with Steve Perry
– Other (specify)

Don’t say “Guilour won’t ever work with Waters again!” or “Eddie hates David too much”. …

Some people are ignorant. One says Queen. How can they reunite when Freddie Mercury is dead. Another says Alice in Chains. How can they reunite when Layne Staley is dead. And to save everyone time don’t say Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, The Who, The Beatles or The Doors.

I would most like to see Pink Floyd.

Journey with Steve Perry and Van Halen with David Lee Roth I loved them both.

Pink Floyd

Van Halen and Pink Floyd

Definitely Blue

Supertramp of course…Journey with Steve Perry would be great, but the dude just can’t really do it still, unfortunately, and the band plays on and on and on and on! Saw them in ocncert recently and they kick butt!

The Beatles

Pink Floyd – hands down!



They were so far ahead of their time…I’d love to hear what they’d do next…

With all due respect to the “Be Realistic” statement, perhaps you should consider removing the part that says “Imagine you have a magic wand that could make it happen.”

Just a thought.

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