Why are some cons so narcissistic that they believe that creationism should be taught in classrooms?

Using emotional and judgmental terms to lead off a serious question relegates it to the prejudicial junk pile.

Make up your mind what you want to do: insult or question.

It is called pushback. Liberals have become so adamant about removing religion from our society that the natural reaction is to promote it more forcefully.

Just look at some of the insults and ridicule in here aimed at people’s Christian beliefs. It was never really an issue (teaching it in schools) until the left began their campaign of removing all traces of religion from public property.

No. I purely think of that the commencing place thought of evolution shouldn’t pervade the finished academic curriculum commencing in pre-college. that’s one concept this is a good distance out of its place. in the event that they desire to study the 1st few chapters in Genesis, fantastic. however the Bible isn’t a technology e book. i don’t desire instructors speculating approximately introduction anymore than i desire them speculating approximately the rest.

Its another viewpoint. Evolution is still a theory. It keeps changing. If you open a science textbook from the 1980s, it will not be the same evolutionary theory as you see today. We still know very little about the human body and earth. Evolution is a good theory, but creationism tells us about our spiritual origins. There is no reason why both of them can’t compliment each other.

How is it narcissistic to present another side to students? They can take it or leave it.

I disagree. There are political studies. This is the study of ideologies. I would rather my child learn about all he/she can. Not just what liberals what them to learn about.

They really have no idea what they’re doing – just like lemmings to the sea.

Basically they think they have a right to dictate to all the people!

Don’t tell the people who support such nonsense that narcissism is a sin

Learn what narcissism means before attempting to use it in a sentence.

I don’t agree with that but I do think you’re free to take a religions course in any schooling.

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