Why do modern day “Christians” affliate themselves with the bible…?

Why do modern day “Christians” affiliate themselves with the bible when they choose to only believe part of what the bible says?

I came across this site recently… http://www.evilbible.com/ten_commandments.htm …someone on this site simply stuck together the 10 commandments and then searched the…

I believe all of the bible because I want to and because I can. I find it to be totally relevant to the times. And, I’m not interested in what some new and anti-biblical evangelist has to say about it.

I’m a Christian..L.C.M.S. and NOT -E.L.C.A
We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. God hasn’t changed His mind on certain things and God and God didn’t say His rules would change as time went on. It’s not like what was once a sin isn’t a sin anymore. Sin was a sin then and is still a sin today. Example: It’s against a commandment not to kill (murder) that hasn’t changed. It’s a sin not to commit adultery. That doesn’t mean that adultery is OK in today’s world. The Bible says to have sex with only the person he/she is married to. It means what it said back then and today as well. The other 8 commandments follow in the same fashion. Hard to follow all of them? Yes. But no one said it would be easy and being difficult to follow doesn’t invalidate them. Some Church’s and Church bodies & synods have accepted/approved gay marriage and gay ministers. In some of today’s society this may seem approved pf. But nowhere does the Bible approve of such. In fact the Bible speaks against sexual relations with someone of the same sex.The words in the Bible “yoked with” mean sex with and married to.
True, some of the Bible is hard to understand. Some is written in symbolism. And sometimes the original written form (Greek and Hebrew) are hard to properly decipher into English and I suppose that some words may have misinterpreted.but the basic meaning remains. A good deal of symbolism is found in the book of Revelation. Such as the “lamp stands” spoken of. These aren’t literal lamp stands but they represent something else. The same goes for the “creatures” and “seals”.
With this understanding and proper interpretation, the Bible stands as written.

i think of I chanced in this different question. that’s rather complicated to have faith in a vogue that the jws reacted that way. a in demand-day prophet? NO. Jesus christ is the final prophet. The JWS don’t have a prophet in recent times. no person interior the society claims to have any style of revelations. Even the founder, Russel, did not declare any supernatural adventure. The governing physique then and now’s in basic terms an help to bible understanding and the prophecies contained in it. Any faith who claims to have a prophet is against Galatians a million:8 and so would be fake.

I believe ALL of the Bible like everyone in my church as far as I know. It is unfortunate that people misinterpret the Bible and take it out of context. People can stick together what they like and then preach about it, but my pastor helps me connect key verses to understand the heart of God.

evilbible.com has supposed “contradictions” of the Bible that are not even nearly contradictions. Just different views from different people in other times and places and cultures.

Why do people think that Christians all think the same?

I hope people dont start making a bible that consists of only the things they believe in!! That would be so wrong! Why would you encourage something like this mate???

Jesus Christ was true prophet of God Almighty. and his mission was to guide children of Israel. To guide for a right path.Path that could lead them to God.

God bestowed on Jesus Christ a book whom we name Injeel. This present bible is not that Injeel which was bestowed on Jesus christ. This present so called HOLY bible contains, some part which is actually from God, some portion from Jesus, there you will find words of historians, and you can also observe night time tales inside this book. There is a red letter bible which separates word of Jesus by writing them in red. you will find them very few in bible.
Most of work is from historians, Paul a self appointed desciple is the main character who spoiled the word of God.

This is fact that there are many strange things which bible relates. Bible calls prophets of God, theives , it relates God as God of hatered.
killing people every where. There are many strange laws define in the bible. For example if you commit offensive sex against will of women, you can escape from punishment just by paying few coins.

If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her. (Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT)

West talk much about rights of women, what do you say about this verse, Do you think that God of Christian knows about women’s right.
Here you see nothing is written about women’s feeling. Would she like to marry the rapist? It is direct order from God.

There is so much nonsense in bible that a sensible person will immidiately realize this book is not from God. This above is just an example.You can notice thousand inside.

I believe all the bible, but I only understand part of it. It is full of love, not hate. Proof: God sent Jonah to preach the word to the Ninevites, who hated Israel. When they repented, God spared them from the wrath He was going to send. That is love, and so is Jesus being sent to die for all mankind, seeing we clearly deserve death and hell for our punishment.

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