Why do people hate america?

Now im going to try to explain this very well first things i need to say is, im American, but go to the UK frequently and so i must ask why does everyone hate us? they say we’re slobs and etc but thats not true. ive met some people of my country who are complete ******* but ive seen the same in the UK and other…

Because it is corrupt and backwards.

Honestly, because it’s popular right now among some people in some countries to openly hate America and Americans. Their reasons are absolutely NO more valid or well-thought than the average redneck who hates ‘them colored folks.’

America is still big, and powerful, but all the information from TV and the Internet allows people to see our flaws. So, the previous mystery is now gone, and we seem simply human…ignorant people see this as an opportunity to put someone else down. And usually that sort of thing is designed to make themselves feel better.

So, it’s just ignorance. Oh, they may have reasons in their mind, that they will tell you…but it’s like saying, “Those black people rape white women and eat watermelon and have a lot of babies on welfare.” In other words, ignorant crap that has nothing to do with reality.

Because they’re mentally ill. It’s one thing to hate a government, but it’s insane to “hate” 311 million people whom you’ve never met. What I find quite humororus and ironic is people who do this “hating” on Y!A (an American invention, as is harnessing electricity to provide power to houses), while listening to Katy Perry (an American) on an iPod (another American invention).

How often do you see an American trying to prove how great his country is compared to people who live in Russia, China, South Africa, etc

a million) i do no longer hate u.s., nor do i like it. for my area i do no longer think of u.s. is the “the main suitable option us of a on earth”, no longer even close. u.s. is meant to be compassionate. merely seem at countless the alleviation paintings u.s. has performed in different international locations, yet there are literally hundreds of people interior the U. S. who can no longer have adequate money to bypass to a darn surgeon. there is not any genuine activity stability interior the U. S.. you will get fired at any time for any reason, or no reason. maximum different developed international locations you get a job settlement which protects you by contrast sort of element. autos in u.s. get 2/3 much less gas mileage than their eu autos…comparable form, comparable form…it is disgusting. great drug companies make bargains with different international locations to furnish medicine dirt low priced, yet right here, the place dissimilar it is made, we pay for the period of the teeth. i ought to maintain going, yet i think of you get my opt for the flow. And earlier any of you assert if i do no longer like it right here, I ought to bypass away. nicely my kin is leaving in approximately 6 months time. 2) evaluations are like abdomen buttons. all and sundry has one. would not situation me one way or yet another what somebody else thinks and feels approximately u.s.. Belle

If people hated it they would move else where to other countries. Much to love about it too.

Peace. Check out my recent answer to this question. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;…


haters they want what we got

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